Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Liberal Exo-politician Becomes Candidate

The Liberals debunk the bloggers (most of whom are still rolling on the nation's floors harvesting the delusional revelations of a former True-Dough cabinet minister) again by unveiling their latest star candidate. Remind me to avoid space travel in the near future - evidently, the low partial pressure of Oxygen in space can fog one's thinking:
"It's been put out there, it's been solved."
It's been solved? So we found the rest of the missing money? The crooks are behind bars? Perhaps the little green men have gotten to him already, or he was simply too busy booking up on space mechanics to understand these fundamental laws:

Shaken's Three Laws of Corruption:
  1. Every Liberal in a state of uniform corruption tends to remain in that state of corruption unless an external force is applied to their backside.

  2. The relationship between a Liberal's massive sense of entitlement m, their access to money a, and the public funds stolen F is F = ma.

  3. For every corruption there is an equal and opposite voter reaction.

Hell Hath No Fury...

... like a Liberal leader wanna-be scorned. If there's anybody got the dirt on Paul, it's this lady. And if anyone has the motive to share it with us, it's this lady. The jalopy isn't out of the gates but a day and the wheels are falling off already.


The first shot over the bow, dutifully discharged by the Liberals' lapdog press, looks like an attempt to frame the election around the unity debate. That's great. Here's how Harper could have responded to the question, "do you love Canada":
"Almost as much as Liberals like to steal"

"as much as the MSM in Canada loves the Liberals"

"like democracy itself!"
Or, as is the political fashion, he could have answered the question with a rhetorical question:
"is the Pope catholic?"

"does Quebec prefer pork to independence?"
I can't wait for the Liberals to trot this one out - it's the last cabbage in their patch - they are the only party that can save Canada. By ripping the rest of us off.

Liberals, take your unity flim-flam carpetbag and get lost.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

He's Perfectly Clear About That

It's About Abortion and Daycare

The MSM in Canada continues with the "Harper is scary" meme. On a talk show last night, two talking heads brought this up again, but added "women find Harper scary". This is an important nuance here in vote-rich Ontario.

So, I introduce my call on this election. This election is about abortion rights. If not made an overt issue in the election, I predict a Conservative minority.

Why would the TV pundit add "women" to this equation? Do the math: Harper = Christian Fundamentalist = Ban on Abortion = forced to stay home and make babies. Ok, so throw in daycare as well: no state-funded daycare = forced to stay home and look after babies.

If Steven Harper wants to be Prime Minister, he needs to make sure that his position on abortion and daycare is clear. Don't hide the party platform on these issues. Get them out there immediately.

We're as mad as hell at the Liberal thieves and desperately want to kick them to the curb. That has a certain amount of electoral play, certainly. But is it enough? The distance the Liberals will be kicked depends on the alternatives available. What will make the difference? Women's votes.

Women are going to decide the flavor of the next government, and whether it will be a majority or minority.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Shame Of It All

Our pals over at the statist's organ wound up their piece on the defeat of the rogue Liberal government by pointing out to us the important state matters that this untimely defeat will leave undone:
Monday's vote means a number of bills will die on the order paper, among them an act to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and an animal cruelty bill.
Omigod, I said to myself, whilst self-administering corrective amounts of kinetic energy to the side of my skull, how could I have been so crass, so self-centered, so thoughtless as to have called for a rush to the polls when such dire issues lay before the nation? However shall we forgive ourselves for forsaking the potheads and kitties in our zeal to loosen the power-hungry, lying, thieving hypocrit death-grip on our national wealth? I am pierced.

The same two important national issues rise to the top of the agenda over at CTV:
Left hanging are about 35 bills, including an act to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and an animal cruelty bill.

This is our two main national news media outlets for crying out loud.

Allow me to translate: Trawna Yuppies Beware! The Mean Conservatives are not going to let you smoke pot. Women! Beware! The Mean Conservatives are not going to protect the baby seals, puppies and kitty-kats! You MUST, MUST vote Liberal!

Is this going to be our national election debate?

Not Even My Dog Would Swallow This

Should have phrased this a little better:
"Mr. Martin told the crowd that accountability is what the Liberal party is all about".
Mr. Martin is clearly asking us to hold him and the Liberal Party accountable. We'll be glad to oblige.

Democratic Renewal

Before considering this democratic reform, I want to see these:
  1. any member that crosses the floor may not assume a Cabinet position until duly elected under the banner of their new party affiliation

  2. a bi-election must be held within 90 days when a member changes party affiliation
Note: I will be consulting with my stockbroker to see if he has any inside information on other democratic renewals that may be in the works.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Trade Union Law

"The trade union shall assist the enterprise or institution in properly dealing with the matter so as to help restore the normal order of production and other work as soon as possible."
And where, you ask, does such a phrase exist in trade union law? (hint) .I am preparing a piece on trade as I attempt to reconcile the rampant destruction of manufacturing jobs in North America with constant reminders of how wonderful it is to have these new trading partners.

How is it so good for us to send raw materials as far across the ocean as possible, and have finished goods returned the same distance? Who really wins in this game besides Steamship owners?

More to come.

Quebec Pork: Time To Go Cold Turkey

Angry has a good post up this morning, inspired by this item:
[...]The Liberals will be hoping the plan gives them a boost in Quebec, which has a significant presence in the aerospace industry.

Several companies, including Bombardier Inc. and Pratt & Whitney, are major employers in the province.
Angry takes a rip at the Liberals for 'electoral extortion'. While I agree, I have a different take on the matter.

How independent can an independent Quebec be if major parts of it's economy depend on a Canadian Federal life-support system? If I were leading the BQ at this moment, I would be screaming from the rooftops, explaining to the people of Quebec how being suckered in by Liberal pork continues to put their dream of independence just beyond their fingertips.

It appears that the Liberals have put all their eggs in the Quebec basket. Once the people of Quebec wake up, realize that their industry must be market-driven, competitive and self-sufficient in order to support a vibrant independent nation, it will become immune to Liberal promises to pork and threats to unpork.

Ultimately, it will take an act of economic courage for Quebec to break the current dynamic that paralyzes this country and thwarts its own dream of independence - but then, through history, hasn't nation building always required profound courage to deviate from the status quo? Answering the Liberal's Siren call this election, again, will perpetuate the cynicism held by non-Quebec Canadians towards Quebec separatism: the call for independence is merely a feint, a gimmick, a perpetual threat designed to do nothing more than keep open the sluices of cash from ROC to support their socialist lifestyle, and should not be taken seriously. Indeed, it could well be the inspiration for a Quebec independence movement outside La Belle Province: a movement to expel the extortionist from our ranks.

While the Liberal liberal porking of Quebec may have been a strategy wherein historically all stakeholders could take comfort, globalization of the economy has changed the playing field. Building-in inefficiencies through programmatic subsidization does nobody a favor today: the federalists encumber with inefficiency and endanger the economic health and competitiveness our overall society by paying this extortion; separatists are thwarted by the continual trumping of their agenda by dealers of subsidy crack.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cramming for the Election

Get the "Coles Notes" version here.

"The Mike" 2006 Election Chapeau Liner

Liberal campaign workers have taken time off from their day jobs running the MSM in Canada to develop their latest scheme to protect the Party's foothold in "vote rich" Ontario.

Laboratory tests on the model shown ("The Mike Pearson") below indicate that 99.9% of Conservative Party "Organized Crime" allegations are unable to penetrate the Faraday-effect toque liner illustrated below.

Sources close to the project revealed that debate within the campaign "door to door winter garb" committee raged over whether the unusual shape would convince Ontario voters that their Liberal candidates were in possession of unsually large craniums, or might be mistaken for headpieces similar to those worn by the actors seen in in recent software advertisements.

Liberal Spending Is Irresponsible and Insane

I know a few Liberals wander by here from time to time. Here's my message for you today: your wanton spending spree with our money is the icing on the cake. You know no shame, no humility. Be gone, before you completely destroy this country.

Paul Martin is trying to prove a point to the people of Canada: that his government will act responsibly with taxpayers’ money

Friday, November 25, 2005

From the Inclusive Left In Tolerant Multi-Cul Canada

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sounds Good To Me - I Am Not Afraid

I am ok with these:
[...] would institute draconian tax cuts, gut social programs, cut cultural subsidies [...]
Tax cuts? Great, maybe I will be able to buy a new car. I could use one. I see no way to be able to buy one now. Gut social programs - ever think that maybe they need gutting? Or could have used the money from the gun registry boondoggle that was funneled to the consulting buddies in Montreal? I especially like the 'cut cultural subsidies'. I am all for that. Zap them completely, thank you.

We've Grown Weary of Ethics In Government

Who wouldn't, when you get results like this:
The federal government created the society two years ago to impose ethical guidelines and standards on an industry that had been plagued with problems.
The former chairman of a body the federal government set up to regulate immigration consultants says he quit because board members wanted to pay themselves $60,000 a year to attend 12 one-day meetings.
There have also been questions about board interference in the hiring of society staff members.
Bravo to this gentleman for resigning and going public.

Bald Faced Power Hungry Hypocrit

This takes some temerity:
Valeri said the opposition parties continue to "use innuendo to tear down people" and choose to push for an election before the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal can release its final report on Feb. 1.
Oh really? What about this? My disgust for this untrustworthy cabal grows daily.

Ugly Pets

"Want to kiss his ass too?"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Department of Kitchen Sinks

Could somebody tell me what the hell this has to do with 'Foreign Affairs'? Don't we already have a Department of Indian and Northern Affairs? Why do we need two departments in the federal bottomless pit government chasing the same soccer ball?

By the way, don't you think the one on the left is kinda cute even if it does reinforce a stereotype?

Update: this just in:

"The government's approach, rather than advancing the process of reconciliation between the Crown and the Treaty 8 First Nations, undermined it," Justice Ian Binnie wrote in the unanimous decision.
Yes, that's our caring Libs, photo-op grandstanding one day, without a release from further actions, and screwing it up royally the next.

A Good Start - Get Ready To Bend Over Some More

The Communist Brainwashing Corporation:
Karen Shaboyer, a former residential school student who works at an aboriginal cultural centre in Toronto, said the agreement is a good start. She hopes it will open the eyes of non-native people, at the very least.
Well, yes, it has opened my eyes, considerably. Now that they are open, I see that something is missing from this announcement.

Typically, when you settle something, you get a release. Where is the release? Can we see the terms please?

Update: Looks like this will never end, there will be no closure, no moving on, we can never pay enough:

"The Government can never pay enough for what has happened to my family and I."

We Actually Subsidize This Repugnant Blight

The National demonstrating its objectivity and lack of bias:
"I’m looking for someone who was going to vote Conservative in the last election but changed their minds along the way because they were scared, freaked out or worried about the Conservatives, the Conservative agenda or its leader. So, instead, they voted Liberal. Now you’re facing the same dilemma this time. If this describes you AND you are willing to travel for a couple of days next month AND you are willing to appear on television then please get in touch immediately."
The reporter's email address may be posted here if you are inclined to let her know what you are finding scary these days.

Boondoggle Canada

The very essence of inept management exposed here:
"For the most part, the Department has not established targets by which to measure its performance and so is unable to give Parliament a clear picture of what it wants to achieve, what it has achieved, and the progress made through the financial support it has provided to cultural industries."
Spend, spend, spend, spend. And for what? We don't know.

PMPM Not Ready to Walk On Water Yet, But Nearly

Apparently, CTV expects PMPM to suspend electioneering:
"It is largely expected that Prime Minister Paul Martin will suspend electioneering over Christmas and New Year's, thereby making the campaign longer than the traditional five weeks."
Odd - I don't expect that. Oh? And how might he do that? Don't tell me he is entitled to suspend electoral campaigns...

How Is Race Defined and Tested?

I wonder how this objectively determines race:
Members of visible Minorities: persons, other than aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour
That is, if testing a court of law, how can anyone assert that I am any race? Perhaps I have an ancestor many years ago that was African. How would I know? Does that mean I am white? off-white? Exactly what is the objective test? Is it based on appearance? Is that subjective?

This is bullshit and we should stop it.

In My Case, A Blindfold

Are you a white caucasion male? Then you need to read this if you are considering a government job:
The Public Service of Canada is also committed to developing inclusive, barrier-free selection processes and work environments. If contacted in relation to a job opportunity or testing, you should advise the Public Service Commission or the departmental official in a timely fashion of the accommodation measures which must be taken to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner. Information received relating to accommodation measures will be addressed confidentially.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"Kick My Ass"

Monday, November 21, 2005

Over My Dead Body

An Integrated Approach to Early Childhood Education and Care: A Preliminary Study:
“ideology of the family” is the problem which must be replaced by “a new order. This includes deep changes in societies in general and in the family’s structure in particular...a review of the family-state relationship regarding the responsibility for the care and education of children.”
I was wondering where the line in the sand existed over which our Liberal dictatorship would push me. It is here. I will forfeit my life to resist destruction of the family. If the Liberals think they can jam this down our throats, they have miscalculated. Being overtaxed is one thing. Destroying the fabric of society is another.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Science Proves Left Wing Correct

Finally, a breakthrough.

Hey, what about that blogpost title? Wasn't I just bait-and-switched? Your blogpost title was a misdirection!

Well, yes. Just practicing my left-wing rhetoric in case I need it to get out of a tight spot some day.

Somnambulists Need Not Apply

Instead of this:
"As executives and managers, our role includes ensuring that the public service is representative," Mr. Marshall said in the memo. "This involves providing direction and leadership by example, and demonstrating a firm commitment to an inclusive workplace."
I would like to see this:
"As executives and managers, our role includes ensuring that the public service is efficient," Mr. Marshall said in the memo. "This involves providing direction and leadership for results, and demonstrating a firm commitment to an effective workplace."

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Tool, The Fool

Perhaps it has not occured to the Liberal attack dog that his willingness to be used is career limiting.

Assuming he has ambitions to someday assume the throne, his contemporary zeal to do his master's dirty work must be overshadowing his ability to monitor what is he telegraphing about his nature to his observers.

Can anyone seriously imagine a soul so maleable and so tarnished by such low behavior one day standing shoulder to shoulder with world leaders?

I watch the 'hatchet-man' drama playout in business all the time. Never once have I seen in business the hatchet man ascend to the CEO position. While a convenient, pliable and ruthless tool, the hatchet man's usefulness is self-limiting. Everyone knows him for what he is, and dares not to entrust him with further power.

This fool, this slimy piece of weathercocking nastiness, is figuratively slitting his own throat. He is unwittingly his own worst enemy.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Google Arabic-English Translation Ranked First

data here.

This will be a very useful tool for us in the West. Hope we see it soon.

Al-Qaeda Has Blundered...

"No to Terrorism, down with terrorism and Zarqawi"(via Lina Ejeilat)

... according to Oleander, a Jordanian living in the US.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Society Does Not Need An Economy

The Star:
"Post-secondary education is key to both the economic and social future of the country"
The underlying message is that "economic future" and "social future" are two different things. Both will benefit from education, of course, but think about the underlying concept of a social future as though it is something uncoupled from our economic future.

This kind of thinking is exactly why the Left cannot govern, and why Ontario's experiment with the NDP failed so miserably.

The social future one enjoys is based entirely upon one's success economically. It is economics that shapes society, not the other way around. And why would I postulate such a dimwitted notion? Because, it's natural.

The world economy is a large eco-system, that brutally bypasses the marginal. The notion that we are free to make any social arrangement and lay upon that construct an economy, while true, is a hallucination: the economic-eco system of the world will bypass inefficient systems. That's just the way it works.

Nice, But Not The Green Bullet

Green Laptops Give UN A Woody

I have worked in IT for a long time. I have a network in my home that rivals that in many medium sized businesses.

I've watched middle class parents in the US and Canada 'panic' that their children will be left behind, with a resulting appeasement from the school boards who put computers in every class room. The result? Kids learn to deliver eye-candy using Microsoft cut-and-paste.

Young people can learn a technology in hours. No need to panic. I prefer to have my children be children first, interact with the physical and natural world, and more importantly, learn to interact with others before they stick their heads comfortably down a computer screen. The digital world is seductive, but hollow.

This little green laptop smacks of the silver bullet syndrome. I would put clean, disease-free drinking water on a higher priority than laptops in shanty-town. Same with waste treatment. I would put language skills on a higher priority than laptops. I would put creation of valuable education content on a higher priority than laptops. If the idea of using technology to deliver education is so compelling, then creation of content should be going full tilt right now.

Now, who is going to pay for these green laptops? Who is going to monitor their effectiveness? From what I have seen in western classrooms, there is precious little educational content developed to leverage the computers in the classroom. This is in the West!

This is a solution out in search of a problem. It has the potential to devolve into a giant boondoggle, fueled by Good Intentions, probably Greed, and Ignorance.

Technology is great. I love it. But what counts most is content - the information. I've seen too many hours spent formatting documents and not enough hours researching or thinking. Because I do not see the plan for the content to be delivered on these Green Laptops, I see a mass hysteria to deliver toys to the shantytowns of the third world. Content. It's about content.

How to Steal $30 Billion

"presentations shall be oral with supporting material provided to aid comprehension but not retained by the department."
Belinda Stronach:
"Only when the people of Canada have renewed confidence and faith in the systems of government can we return to ethics and civility"

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One Tonne of Bio Byproduct

Ross McKitrick and Christopher Green, via John Deutsch Institute at Queen's University.
"After all, what affects climate is not annual emissions (a flow), but the global atmospheric concentration of GHGs (a stock). The relevant question is what will it take to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of GHGs at a level that avoids a "dangerous interference" with climate. Contrary to popular belief, including that of many climate policymakers, the facile view ... that a combination of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energies are capable of achieving stabilization, has been shown to be fundamentally flawed."
Essentially, what is being said is that the issue is not rate that you are adding salt to the soup that counts, rather, it's how much salt is in the soup: in other words, the one-tonne challenge is really some peculiar social experiment to measure the gullibility of the average Canuck.

Warning: this is post-progressive post. (explanation)

I Asked Myself, And Myself Said This

Canadian Press via Yahoo:
"You've got to ask yourself, why can't the opposition wait eight weeks for the election call."
I did just that - asked myself - and, after much painful thinking (thinking is painful to Ontarians, I admit it), here is the answer I came up with:
because that gives you power-hungry, lying, hypocritical thieves 8 more weeks of access to our wealth.

Blow Yourself Up For the Planet

This is fresh thinking.
"We can't be breeding right now," says Les Knight. "It's obvious that the intentional creation of another [human being] by anyone anywhere can't be justified today."
It is when I see this kind of thinking that I am truly humbled, and take pause. Why, if breeding is bad, then, gosh, wouldn't reducing the population be even more environmentally responsible? For instance, why do we shamelessly try to prevent suicide when we clearly have too many mouths to feed on the planet?

I confess I have been to myopic in my vision. After reading this article, I can now see that the Islamic suicide bombers are not the terrorists I thought they were, rather, they are eco-heroes. How constrained has been my thinking.

But wait, as usual, free enterprise is way ahead of the curve on this one, and some upstart capitalist is first to market with an innovative solution:

Now, that's enhancing shareholder value!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yuletide Voting Signs I Have Seen

While We Utter Crap, China Cranks Out Widgets

Here is a fine example of trendy North American MBA mumbo-jumbo:
Under pressure from its leading institutional shareholders, San Jose, Calif.-based Knight Ridder said its board has hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to advise on "strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value, including the possible sale of the company."
Got that? Enhance shareholder value by liquidating. This is not 'enhancing'. This is 'realizing'. This is 'getting out while the getting out is good'.

From time to time some young dork sits across the table from me in a business meeting and starts spewing this drivel. The world is not one huge advertising campaign or marketing program folks. Speak plain. When you hear 'strategic', pay attention, because a stream of bovine excrement is about to be served up.

A Vaccinated Chicken in Every Pot

This is interesting.

I've been following the discussions on vaccine production on NPR radio, among other sources. The conscensus seems to be that it's not possible to gear up the vaccine-producing infrastructure around the world to head off HN51. I'm guessing there are 7 billion or so on the planet. But here we have China planning to vaccinate 14 billion chickens and ducks. How? Even given the difference in dosage size, and relaxation of quality control, this is still a huge production and logistics problem. Is there some leap in production capability we should be studying for efficacy on human population? What about preemptively vaccinating hogs?

We've Completely Lost Our Minds

I just watched the tail end of CFTO news (Bell Globemedia flagship in Trawna). How did they finish the news of the day? A biting piece which in my opinion was nothing more than an overt advertisement for Madonna's new CD, complete with long video clip and a verbal link to where you can learn (i.e. buy) the CD online at

This is news? Welcome to the shallow end of the pool.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Some Toronto Star History

Government of Canada's Digital Collections:
Several of The Star's new owners wanted it to be a purely political organ controlled by the Liberal Party. Atkinson had a different view. He knew that a newspaper could be a good ally of a political party but that many citizens would not trust it if it were purely partisan. In Atkinson's view, The Star, to be successful, had to be independent free from both partisan and financial control.

New York Times:
Mr. Honderich's Toronto Star was also frequently attacked by political critics for its overt support of social causes, Canadian economic nationalism and the Liberal Party of Canada.

"He would plead guilty to doing that," said John Honderich, who was also the newspaper's publisher until 2004. "He very much believed in a crusading, if fair and accurate, newspaper. He once made a convocation address in which he said there was no such thing as objectivity."
Globe and Mail:
Mr. Honderich told the journalist Doug (now George) Fetherling in a 1983 interview for Saturday Night magazine that "you produced or else," explaining that he covered two speeches a day, delivering a few facts and a couple of "punchy" quotes. "It left a deep impression on my mind . . . what people are interested in is information." This was a lesson he would apply when he had control of the paper.

Ontario voters that rely on the Toronto Star, The Hamilton Spectator, The Record and the Guelph Mercury (circulation around 4.8 million in "vote-rich Ontario" should read this NY Times article to guage how effectively their newspapers are enabling them to make an informed electoral decision.

Top Ten Reasons To Not Want A Holiday Season Election

10. It's bad for business to have the premier retail advertising window filled with political attack ads. That's a serious revenue hit for the CBC!

9. Think about all the slush and crud that will be tracked into the polling stations. Who's going to clean that up -- some immigrant physician?

8. Damn it, we want to talk about office politics at the company Christmas party, not real politics!

7. Everyone knows it's not possible to think about the election and Christmas at the same time. What dummy thought that one up?

6. Does this mean I have to cancel my cruise?

5. If one more kid says "I want an honest government for Christmas" I'm going to scream at my therapist.

4. We're trying to get the new Canadian Hindus and Muslims to start spending at Christmas. How dare you take their minds off that?

3. We'll have to take sanctuary in the cinemas watching the latest Disney hit in order to get a break from all the hard thinking we have to do.

2. Last time we had a winter election, my damn neighbour's sign got picked up in a blizzard and came sailing clean through my front window. My insurance company refused to pay, saying it was an act of God. Ya, it was a Liberal sign.

1. I already know who I'm going to vote for, so we might as well let them just stay in office. Who needs all this fuss?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's About Branding

Of course, the Liberals mock Christians. But why? Really, why do they?

It's about branding a product. The Liberal Brand = "smart, caring, giving". The Conservative Brand (that the Liberals manage to create thanks to their buddies in high places in the MSM) = "stupid, mean, greedy".

Come on now, Canadians, when you hear a Southern accent, do you
  1. hear a stupid Bubba
  2. do not hear any accent at all, and listen strictly to the content

Of course, the answer is always unfailingly (2), because Canadians have no prejudices, do they?

By far, the most essential component of the brand is "smart" versus "stupid". The Liberals get away with it (does that mean they really are smarter?).

Now, why is it that Christians are stupid? What is it exactly about Jesus' platform that is orthagonal to Liberal dogma? Was it his association with the poorest? Was it his healing of the ill? Was it his aversion to wealth? Was it his moral code? Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the New Testament, other than it contains a few unbelievable tales. Virgin Birth? No intelligent person would buy that one. Son of God? Anyone who spends any time thinking about it would realize Jesus must have been a megalomaniac. So, Christians must be stupid because of their beliefs? Is it having religious beliefs that makes you stupid? To be Liberal, do you have to be an atheist? If not, then what is so particularly special about 'Christians'?

Christians are a convenient branding tool for the Liberals. By playing on the prejudices of the average Canadian - and yes, many Canadians are EXTREMELY prejudiced - the Liberals are able to build the associations in the average Canadians mindset - a Christian clings to stupid beliefs - why, look at those stupid Christians in the South. Scary! Scary, because they are going to try to limit your fun and FORCE you to live by the rules their stupid religion, once they get power.

The Conservatives need a street-smart and honest branding exercise. Let's hoist Honesty, Integrity, and Fiscal Responsibility as Conservative brand values. Are those solely White Virtues? Isn't it complete hypocrisy for Liberals to espouse tolerance of religious beliefs while at the same time using vague yet crafty marketing programs to foster intolerance of Christian beliefs?

I will tell you what I find scary: allowing smug, selfish, lying, power-hungry thieving hypocrits to have one more minute of access to our wealth.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I have chosen to make Remembrance Day one of personal reflection.

My grandfather lied about his age at the outbreak of WWI, and signed up in the first contigent to ship overseas. He partipated in the first action the Canadians saw in the salient in Belgium. He was part of the group that held ground when the Germans unleashed their first gas attack. Injured in the attack, he was shipped off to England to convalesce. Sufficiently recovered, he returned to Belgium in time to fight in the Battle of Festubert. In this battle, he was bayonneted, and left for dead on the field.

He lay in the mud among the dead for 3 days. Somehow he managed to cling to life, to the extent that he uttered a groan when the body collectors made their sweep. "Hey, this one's still alive..." And so ended his war career. He missed the heroic moments of his unit at Vimy (read Pierre Burton's book on it - it's excellent).

I remember that he could roll a cigarette in seconds with one hand. I remember the story of his green unit commander sticking his head up for a look over the side of the trench on his first night in the field, and taking a bullet between the eyes. I remember his stories of crawling through the trenches on his hands and knees in the mud, every once in a while his hand sinking down through the body of a dead German. I remember his story of the horror of the rats in the trenches. I remember the story of a scene in battle where German machine gun fire finally filled a ditch with enough bodies that Canadians could run across it.

Yes, I keep it personal, because it keeps the horror vividly meaningful. He suffered through the remainder of his life, both with the psychological shock to his system, and with his gas-ravaged lungs. His lung injuries finally took him at a too-young age. Fortunately, he lived long enough to raise a family.

So here I am, blogging this to you all on this sombre day. I visit his grave every once in a while. Sometimes when it's warm and sunny. Sometimes in winter. Not just on November 11th.

Each time I see the wicked dark hand of evil dominion of one over another at work in this world, I visit his grave in my imagination - to reflect on his strength in enduring that which he did, and the enormity of the gift he left in his legacy to me.

God bless him. God bless all the men and women everywhere who sacrificed for you and I. I do not forget.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quieter on the Western Front

Looks like the Muslim riots in France have been attenuated to a degree. No visible flames in this dispatch from the front lines.

UPDATE: some very good insight into the origins of the uprising here.

She Finally Speaks, and We Are Not Impressed

A stiff neck for him will be followed by a stiff boot for her.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Poking a Dragon In the Eye May Be Unwise

In one sense, I hope this is true. Mind you, let me be clear, I have no desire to see any living thing injured, or property destroyed or damaged. Nevertheless, I think that provoking the Chinese government would be a collosal blunder on the part of the Islama-fascists. From all past performances, I believe that China's response will be resolute, swift, silent, blunt, and considerably effective. I see no sign of weakness to be exploited.

While I naturally hope and pray that the Islamic threat simply goes away, my pragmatic nature insists that it will not. We are in for a fight, and we have not seen the worst of it yet. The Islama-fascists will not stand down of their own accord - we will have to crush them. There's a lot of 'crush potential' waiting to be harnessed in China.

Let's go.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Misappropriation: Grounds for Dismissal

There's an interesting Vancouver Sun article about stray emails flowing out of the Government of Canada. Apparently, some of the emails reveal some Liberal Party internal machinations.

An explanation offered in the article is that a domain name similarity between a private sector domain name, and a government domain name result often results in simple typing errors directing email to the wrong place.

While others may focus on the nastiness of the content of the wayward email, and what it reveals about the Liberal cabal, I have a slightly different view.

These emails represent Liberal Party business. Not government business. Yes, I know, the Liberals, with their sense of entitlement, figure they are entitled to run/rob the country, but until we have a constitutional change to make one-party state official, they are not entitled. Therefore, Liberal Party business is not public business, and therefore should not be funded by the public. Therefore, use of government facilities, such as email, for conducting party business, including election strategy planning, is overt misappropriation of public facilities.

In the private sector, misappropriation of employer's property or services is grounds for instant dismissal, without compensation. In other words, immediate severence - no longer 'entitled to entitlements'.

Using Government of Canada technology infrastructure to conduct political party business is theft.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Technical Books in Bananda (the Liberal Utopia)

Anyone else experienced this? Technical books, such as the Manning series, are a huge rip-off in Canada. What, are we protecting the nascent technical book publishing industry in Canada?

Does our government want Canada to be competetive? Then drop the tarriffs on technical books. Nearly none of these originate in Canada, there is no industry here to protect.

I used to have a Borders bookstore within walking distance of my home in Raleigh, NC. It had a vast technical book section, and pretty much was certain to have a title I needed, in stock, at the store.

Had a look in the Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores lately? It's a joke. Here it is, a Sunday, and there is a title I need. Do you think I can find the book in stock anywhere in this stupid country? Here I am looking for one of the hottest titles in the industry (in the US, where the industry engine still exists), and the bozos buying for this chain in Canada don't have a copy in sight. Not even in Toronto. Good grief. I can't wait for Barnes and Noble and Borders to arrive here and shake up these fools that run the bookselling monopoloy in Canada.

Is that likely to happen? Naw, we have to be sure we put the latest Canadian novels written by the best Liberal-supporting authors in front of the public. It's all about protecting 'culture'. How about protecting jobs?

The technical book trade in Canada is 3rd world, and a hideous ripoff.

UPDATE: and by all means, let's repeat this idiocy with Satellite Radio. I won't buy Satellite Radio unless it is 100% free enterprise. I still don't have cable TV, and I use parental guidance vehemently when I find the TV tuned to the main Liberal Propaganda Channel.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Which Is More Useless?

One of Canada's newest submarines?

Canada's newest Cabinet Minister, the one responsible for "democratic reforms", from whom we have heard NOTHING. Not a single idea. Not one.

Which Should Go First?

This Man Thinks You Are Stupid

He is trying to have you believe that the Gomery Report exonerates him. He would have you believe that as Finance Minister under Chretien, he knew nothing. He would have you believe that as a senior member of the Liberal Party in Quebec he knew nothing. He would have you believe that Earnscliffe, which a whistleblower brought to the attention of the Auditor General and thus started the whole scandal, is not relevant.

Basically, he is acting as though you and I, the elected public he represents, are stupid. This is insulting beyond belief.

If this man was serious about cleaning up the mess, I would see whistleblower legislation on the docket right now. But I don't. I would see legislation extending the power of the Auditor General. I would see the Auditor General being giving access to the books of the various foundations and other organizations into which the Liberals have directed billions of our dollars. But I don't see that. Instead, I see desperate smear tactics.

In my opinion, the Liberal Party does not deserve to exist, let alone govern this country.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Liberal Party of Canada Sinks to a New Low

Mustela brisonis

Fresh on the heels of being exposed for what it really is by the Gomery Report, the Liberal Party lashes out, like an angry two-year old child throwing a tantrum, at Steven Harper with a transparent attempt to smear him.

What is more upsetting to me is not that the Liberals would resort to a smear, as the Gomery Report makes it apparent that they would do even worse - steal from those who have entrusted them with power, but that the Liberals think I am so stupid that I would fall for this childish footstomping.

Really, Liberals, really. You are a sorry bunch if I ever I have seen one. The pity is that you are taking this country down the rathole with you. My grandfather, who took a bayonnet in the gut for Canada at Festubert, is turning in his grave.

NDP: It's Simple. Do the Right Thing.

Oh how I despise the slippery slope of justifying immoral actions because they serve a greater good (according to who?)

Jack Layton has but one choice: the Gomery Report has established that the Liberal Party of Canada is corrupt, and has stolen public money, therefore, it can no longer be trusted with the public purse, and must vacate power immediately.

There is NO justification for continuing to prop up the corrupt Liberal Party. Jack, you won't be remembered for whatever legislation is passed tomorrow by virtue of your imagined leverage over the Liberals, but you certainly will be remembered for condoning corrupt government. How would you like to be recorded in history, Jack?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Statistics 101

Count of how many times the word 'Earnscliffe' is found in the document posted here = 0.

Iran is Misunderstood

Here's an article that every Western Appeaser ought to read. A brief scan of these words should be enough to convince anyone that Iran is really our friend, and if we would only dislike the US and Isreal a bit more, life on earth will be just dandy.

Warning: this is a post-progressive post.. (explanation)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Explanation: my attempt to get into the Guinness Book with the briefest blog post on record.