Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Tool, The Fool

Perhaps it has not occured to the Liberal attack dog that his willingness to be used is career limiting.

Assuming he has ambitions to someday assume the throne, his contemporary zeal to do his master's dirty work must be overshadowing his ability to monitor what is he telegraphing about his nature to his observers.

Can anyone seriously imagine a soul so maleable and so tarnished by such low behavior one day standing shoulder to shoulder with world leaders?

I watch the 'hatchet-man' drama playout in business all the time. Never once have I seen in business the hatchet man ascend to the CEO position. While a convenient, pliable and ruthless tool, the hatchet man's usefulness is self-limiting. Everyone knows him for what he is, and dares not to entrust him with further power.

This fool, this slimy piece of weathercocking nastiness, is figuratively slitting his own throat. He is unwittingly his own worst enemy.