Friday, November 04, 2005

Liberal Party of Canada Sinks to a New Low

Mustela brisonis

Fresh on the heels of being exposed for what it really is by the Gomery Report, the Liberal Party lashes out, like an angry two-year old child throwing a tantrum, at Steven Harper with a transparent attempt to smear him.

What is more upsetting to me is not that the Liberals would resort to a smear, as the Gomery Report makes it apparent that they would do even worse - steal from those who have entrusted them with power, but that the Liberals think I am so stupid that I would fall for this childish footstomping.

Really, Liberals, really. You are a sorry bunch if I ever I have seen one. The pity is that you are taking this country down the rathole with you. My grandfather, who took a bayonnet in the gut for Canada at Festubert, is turning in his grave.