Saturday, December 31, 2005

Very Dramatic Indeed

The Local:
The reading, held last January, was part of a project by the Stockholm drama school Dramatiska Institutet (DI) to study children and their sexual awareness and understanding about love and their own bodies.
Apparently though, breaking into a sewer is a crime worthy of incarceration rather than just a fine.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Goodbye Mama

Listening to CBC radio last Thursday. Interviewing documentary filmmaker. Discussion about the underlying issues that caused the 15 year old girl to die from a gunshot wound at Yonge and Dundas on Boxing Day.

Guest documentary filmmaker blames "everyone". "All of us".

I do not accept a scintilla of blame for this. I reject this projection of blame from airhead lefties.

These snot-nosed scumbags with the drugs and guns driving around Toronto in BMWs with tinted windows are to blame, not me, who has made an honest living all my life and is busy raising a family. Go to hell with this blame.

A few suggestions for addressing the problems. Obviously, harsh sentencing with mandatory minimums is a start. But, suppose Mama, who is an immigrant, perhaps has Canadian citizenship (which can be revoked), can and should be found guilty of sheltering an individual in possession of an illegal firearm used in a violent crime. Mama loses her citizenship, and is deported.

No amount of further stealing of my wealth, the savings I will need to educate my own children, and prepare for my own retirement will make the problems go away, and I will resist stridently any further attempts to transfer my hard-earned funds to this human garbage.

The problems caused by being soft on violent Jamaican-originated crime are not solved by being softer. They are solved by being tougher.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Blame The Americans For Our Stupidity

[...]"The U.S. is exporting its problem of violence to the streets of Toronto," he said[...]
You cannot solve a problem if you aren't realistic about its origins. Blaming American 'gun culture' for the brazen shootings on Yonge Street is deceitful.

What about Jamaican 'gun culture'?

Neither Martin nor Miller have a clue how to solve the problem. Of course, it presents itself nicely as a justification for robbing the rest of us more yet and growing up another useless bureaucracy.

And Canadians are stupid enough to keep electing this garbage. Should we blame the Americans for our stupidity as well?

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Run Jane Run, See Jane Run

Jane continues her study of apes, this time with the puffy haired variety.

And Pick Up My Check While You're There

Yea, it probably was a "useful" trip. I suppose the handler behind him didn't mind Uncle Mo flipping the bird at him.

Update: news of another useful trip.

Update: check out this video to get a better insight into the (re)education plans of Auntie Hanne. Notice that the mud hut they are building is located in the tropics and not smack dab in the middle of the Canadian prairies. Catch the military training aspect of this and give it a think folks.

Caption Contest

Good Neighbors, Good Fences

"Paul, I'm gonna kick your ass all the way over there"

"Whoa, George, that's a long way..."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Eventually, War

Put 3 points on a piece of paper. Draw a line through them. Imagine the shape of the curve that emerges. Extend the curve (extrapolate).

Eventually, the sane part of the world will have to take out this dangerous man before he has the chance to bring another great sadness upon humanity:
"If your civilization consists of aggression, making oppressed people homeless, suffocating the voices of justice and bringing poverty to a majority of the world's people, we say loudly that we hate your hollow civilization," he said.
A fine reason for the US and its coalition of the willing to stay in Iraq is to maintain a stance of readiness and deterrence. We'll go through the usual diplomatic escalations with sanctions etc. etc. Eventually, this fellow will perpetrate an act that will force an armed response. My prediction.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Is There A Relationship?

Apparently, Ontario's dropout rate is an astonishing, and alarming 30%.

I wonder if that statistic is in any way related to the Liberal's newly reported 19 point lead in the latest Ipso-Reid survey:
An Ipsos-Reid survey conducted for CanWest News Service over the weekend suggests the Liberals are at 47 per cent support in Ontario- up six points from a week ago - and the Conservatives are down six points from the same period, at 28 per cent.

This, after a raft of promises by Conservative Leader Stephen Harper last week, including a $1,200-a-year payment to all families for each child under six, and a series of tax breaks for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as a new series of positive TV ads.

"In the province of Ontario, the Tories just haven’t impressed. They haven’t taken control of the campaign. There’s a lot of stuff that they’re doing, but people just aren’t noticing it," Ipsos president Darrell Bricker said.
The only explanation I can conceive that would have Ontario residents buying Mr. Dither's banning of the already banned handguns, and strike-prone nanny-state daycare is a lack of education, or the lack of intelligence as demonstrated by an inability to achieve within the school system.

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem in Ontario. The Conservatives overestimate the intelligence of the Ontario voter, and the Liberals nail it every time.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Liberals: Same Old Same Old

I remember years ago Trudeau, with his typical arrogant smugness, responding to a reporter's questions about cutting taxes:
"they'll probably just spend it on imports"
Today, it's the same arrogant smugness, the same theme, but different words:
"they'll probably blow it on beer and popcorn".
And the theme? A Liberal knows best how to spend your money for you.

Take the Liberal approach to it's logical conclusion: send all you earn to Ottawa. The Liberals there will make all decisions for you. You will decide nothing.

We all still have one choice available on Jan 23: The state, run by smug, arrogant, smarmy pricks; or you, the individual, using your own wits and hard work. Collectivism, or individualism. Serfdom, or Liberty.

Four Points, Which Direction?

There is nothing I fear more than losing one of my children. Hence, I read this Toronto Sun article with empathy for bereaved and angry parents who have lost their child. The grieving and angry father delivers a four-point dissection of the underlying problem, which is as concise, blunt and accurate as any I have seen.
[...]"This man goes into the ghetto and says he wants to ban guns -- they are laughing at him," he said yesterday.

Bitterly angry at his son's murder and the relative lack of response to more than 50 gun-related murders in Toronto so far this year, Huxtable said desperate measures are necessary.

He is furious youths are treated with kid gloves and he accused politicians and other leaders of racial bias.

"Black on black ... who gives a rat's ass," he said with sarcasm.

"No white kids are getting killed."

Poor parenting, a lack of core values, inappropriate role models and few, if any, consequences, due to soft youth laws, fuel the gun violence, Huxtable said.
The last part of the quote says it all. Here are the four underlying causes according to Huxtable.
  1. Poor parenting
  2. Lack of Core Values
  3. Inappropriate Role Models
  4. Few if any consequences
Now, he points to racism as the reason these issues are ignored by the white community. Let's drill into this a bit more, looking at the same four points through a racism lens:
  1. Poor parenting
    Parenting skills are handed down generation to generation. The chain is broken. We can chose to delegate parenting to the state, or undertake to increase our capability as parents. Assuming motivation, the latter approach begins to repair the broken chain of generational education. The former perpetuates the problem. Poor parents must be self-motivated to improve their skills, which starts with a recognition of the need to improve, and the will to do so. Perhaps a trip to the local library to find freely available material would be a good place for parents wanting to improve their parenting skills to take their first responsible steps.
  2. Lack of Core Values
    These cannot be provided by government infrastructure or services. Core values cannot be given. They must be accepted after being offered. One can be forced to hear, but not to listen.
  3. Inappropriate Role Models
    There are plenty of wonderful role models in society. Not all of them are black, but some are. Colin Powell immediately comes to mind. In selecting role models, ignore ethnicity, just as we are being asked to ignore ethnicity. We are unable to create ethnic role models on your behalf.
  4. Few if any consequences
    This is where I see government being able to make a real difference. Few Canadians would disagree with Mr. Huxtable on this point. Forgive me though, but I am having a little trouble understanding how being soft is being racist. It would appear there is no escaping the 'racist' smear: racist if you are soft, racist if you provide the consequences, because most of this violence is perpetrated by members of an identifiable community plagued by the three other conditions.
The only way we can provide the consequences is if this ethnic community takes the race card off the table, and we get down to business fixing the problem.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Canada Lags Behind Pakistan

Mr. Dithers has calculated that his announced ban on handguns will bring the Toronto voters back to him, because the ensuing chatter from the riled-up property-right-wingers will send a chill down the soccer mom's spines. It may work. It's a stupid idea, but it may work.

I am looking forward to the logic that allows Brinks employees to carry handguns. It's because they are protecting something, right? Protecting what? Cash. Whose cash? Somebody's. Sombody's property. So, it must be morally acceptable to protect property using handguns. The principle is simple: try to steal this money, and you may be shot dead by a handgun. Just wondering... did Mr. Dithers also mean banning handguns from Brinks as well? Is it about to become open season on trucks full of cash? Cash which can be used to buy drugs and more handguns? Of course Mr. Dithers did not mean completely ban handguns, although that sounds mighty fine in the soundbite, but's it's a completely stupid idea.

Well, Mr. Dithers... did you think about deadly kites when you were busy trying to pull the wool over Torontonians eyes?

Gentle Green Power

What should a government do when people become upset about having their property stolen? Open fire on its citizens of course
During the demonstration Tuesday in Dongzhou, a village in southern Guangdong province, thousands of people gathered to protest the amount of money offered by the government as compensation for land to be used to construct a wind power plant.

Police started firing into the crowd, killing as many as 10 people, mostly men, and wounding up to 20, villagers reached by telephone said Friday. They said many remained missing.
Because Canada is such a perfect model for the rest of the world, thanks to the diligence of our Kind Liberal Leaders, we should begin helping China's re-education and re-habilitation immediately by having Power alumni invest more in their dirty power infrastructure.

Go For It Then

Gilless Duceppe extorts an apology from a someone who dared to speak the truth:
The province of Quebec needs equalization payments and money from Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia, otherwise it couldn't make ends meet," Ms. Chalifour-Sherrer said.
Mr. Duceppe said that if Quebec had all the powers of a sovereign country, it would not need equalization payments
Of course, Duceppe is wrong, and the quality of life in Quebec will take an enormous hit once the federal subsidies of industry and gun-registry consulting firms in Montreal comes to an end, but, the usual politician trick of apologizing after the deed is done can be used. No doubt, the new ruling class of independent Quebec will be just fine, thank you. I say it's time we found out just how well Quebec can do on its own, and how well the rest of Canada can do without Quebec dragging on its ankles.

Friday, December 09, 2005

They're Lying (Again)

The Libranos are caught like deer in the headlights on the Income Trust Scandal. Just watched CTV news this morning with Monte Solberg and Goodale's human shield Parliamentary Secretary in full denial mode. CARP has flipped, flopped (after Librano pressure) and now flipped again (after sleeping on it). Don't forget those online logs from the Internet bulletin-boards. Googling is going full tilt, and will no doubt cough up the smoking gun.

The Libranos are doing this all wrong, and I am glad of it. By stonewalling, they will increase the damage to their brand tremendously. This is precisely the kind of issue where the blogosphere will show its power. The Libranos are caught in a timewarp, where they think all they have to do is put a talking head inside their friendly media spin-machine and they can weather the storm.

Wrong. I was checking the background of a potential business partner the other night, and found myself reading through various documents on the Internet way-back machine. I suspected a stock fraud, and found myself reading through an online bulletin board postings for a stock from a few years ago. The smoking gun was right there.

I suspect it won't be long before the Canadian blogosphere nails these lying "entitled to their entitlements" power-hungry thieving bastards to the wall, once and for all. And right in the middle of an election campaign. How sweet.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Correct Answers Will Be Rewarded With Blood On The Ice

Check this out. It's an online game for kids. When I played it, a correct answer showed me the goalie's heart flying out of his chest and rolling across the ice, leaving a bloody smear (an extra Red Line).

Just thought you all would enjoy a moment's reprieve from all the election hustle and bustle.

Dodge This Bullet

How long before Toronto experiences this? Not long, if Dudley Laws succeeds in his goal of creating his own militia:
"What we want is for the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to empower and give the community the capacity to make the immediate and intense intervention that is required to deal with our young people," he said.
I just cannot imagine a community intervening in an armed dispute without arms themselves, you know, never bring a megaphone or a placard to a gunfight. So, I presume that the esteemed Mr. Laws is seeking the authority for the community to be armed. Led by him, I suppose.

I Mean Double-Dog Banned

This must be a test of how stupid the Liberals really think Toronto voters are. It's the only rational explanation.
Martin was scheduled to visit Toronto's troubled Jane-Finch area to make a "safer communities announcement." Liberal sources have confirmed the announcement includes a ban on handguns
The current law largely prohibits handguns now. Yet the gun-toting flotsam shooting up the big smoke with chronometrically calibrated regularity manage to get the guns anyway. So, now, Mr. Dithers is going to fix this once and for all by making them really really really double-dog-dare-ya prohibited.

Amazing how stupid Mr. Dithers thinks we are.

H.R.H. Ralph

He was begged for an audience, and He did receive them:
"I'll have to determine whether there was any breach of rules, any breach of impropriety," Goodale told CTV News
Excuse us, Your Most Divine Majesty, surely You meant to say
"We'll have to determine whether there was any breach of rules, any breach of impropriety"
There you have it. The Librano fundamental flaw. There is "Us", the Entitled Libranos, Final Arbiters of Everything, and then there's "you", whom They graciously allow to fund Their Regime.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's The Freighters, Osama

Osama Bits Aflyin' is reported to be alive and well and fighting the good fight. Frankly, I am surprised that transoceanic shipping has not been attacked. A fine way to throw a spanner into the western economies is to screw with the costs of shipping, throwing the onshore/offshore manufacturing equilibrium out of whack. Insurance premiums are a fine lever. A few mega-freighters stacked with high value finished goods sent to the bottom would do just that. And think of the dizzying costs of naval monitoring and escorting.

And the easiest way to carry out attacks? Crew members.

Conscience Is Secondary To Liberal Candidate

Iggy Plot on Conscience:
"[...] you have different obligations than representing your own conscience."
... such as ensuring at all costs that you are re-elected and that the brown envelopes are in party coffers are topped up.

Excuse me, but ultimately, you have nothing but your own conscience. It is that very conscience - your own sense of what is right and what is wrong - that leads one to place an importance on human rights. It is the evidence of that conscience that convinces the electorate to trust you as a proxy of their power.

Say anything to get elected. Hypocrit.

Yugo Daycare Inc.

Last evening's news brought us a tidy summary of the daycare proposals from the Liberals and the Conservatives. An interviewee postulated as to how we finally may have seen emerge a wedge issue in this campaign.

I will go a step further. A while ago, I asserted that daycare and/or abortion were the issues upon which the election would hinge. My reasoning? It's the woman's vote that will determine who wins.

The CBC segment ended with the incisive distinction being made between the CPC and LPC proposals: statism. CPC: families should decide for themselves. LPC: nanny state will take this burden off your tiny minds.

So, women of Canada. It's decision time. Do you wish to abdicate personal responsibility to Nanny State, and accept all that ensues from such a decision, or, do you wish to accept your responsiblity and reject yet another intrusion of the state into our lives? What is in your hearts? What do you feel is best for your children? Do you trust the LPC to do what is best for your children? Do you like not having a choice? Has that been working well for you with healthcare? What could make you believe that state delivery of daycare will be executed any better than state delivery of health care?

A word of caution while you contemplate how well you expect the government to perform in this task: the LPC is dressing it up as "early learning". Do private schools outperform state schools? What is meant by "early learning"?

My children attended early learning schools at a local church while we lived in the States. We had to pay for it. The children loved going there. It was a happy place for them. While they got a jump on other children that did not attend similar facilities, now that they are older, they rest of the pack has caught up and the playing field level. Most of all, they learned social skills in this setting, and that there are other adults in this world that are trustworthy, loving, and even fun. And, they never went on strike.

Take responsibility, or abdicate to nanny state yet again. What shall it be?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Foggy With A Slight Chance of Pork

This report just in from the heart of Trawna by our forward listening post hidden away in the Beach (Moonbat Central):
Holy Pink! S. Harper is getting up the snouts of the port siders. Overheard conversation on "how Harper is trying to bribe us with our own money - blah, blah" Jeez, you'd think every citizen has all of a sudden discovered personal responsibility and free markets but no, It turns out that it's far more insidious. It seems the sheep are so brainwashed that they have become enraged at Harper because...well, just because. Maybe they don't like the colour of his tie. They have no idea what they want but they won't stop until they get it. Harper has out Pinko'ed the Pinkos with the latest round of stolen loot for the 5 and under kids. Isn't this the goal of the port side? Is it too much? Not enough? Anyway, hopefully when Harper gets in he'll say: "Oops, the Lieberals have emptied the till and we can't give you all these goodies, tough shit" Steaming In TO

A Very Cool Place To Stash Your Cash

I think this is pretty cool. A true entrepreneuer: see a need and fill it. Let the free market determine its success.

Wonder if we'll ever see "Christian-Free Banking"? Or "Muslim-free Banking"? Or "Communist-Free Banking"? "State-Free Banking"?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Boundless Arrogance

Horsefeathers. How stupid do you think we are? Quite, it appears. How insulting.

The Liberals, through theft and corruption, brought about this new unity crisis.

Sit down and shut up.

It's A Hereditary Disease

This bunch needs to be hauled in front of a Human Rights Tribunal and made to pay reparations to all Canadians over 30 years of age for their blatant discrimination based on age:
[...] programs welcome participants aged 16 to 30 years
How dare they! Our feelings are hurt, and only cold, hard cash is going to fix that.

The volunteers are asking for us to fund their volunteering.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Cost of Laying a Wreath

"It's a $240 wreath."
+ 7% GST ($16.08) + 8% PST ($19.20), So in Ontario, under Martin, it's actually a $275.28 wreath. In Quebec, it would be a 7% GST ($16.08) + HST ($20.49) = $276.57 wreath.

Next year, Mr. Dithers could purchase said wreath for 6% GST ($14.40) + 8% PST (19.20), so in Ontario, it will be $268.80, saving Mr. Martin a total of $6.48.

Notice how the Quebec windfall "tax on tax" is trimmed 20.49 - 20.35 = 0.14. This is unfair... if Quebec votes Conservative, they will get an larger tax cut than the rest of Canada.

Enough Said

Take the every tonne challenge:
"Canada, for instance would have to ground every plane, train and automobile, as well as shut down all of our manufacturing plants and we still would not meet our Kyoto commitments."

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Martin's Goose Is Cooked

From the "You know you're toast when" department, comes this remarkable piece:
[...] the ruling party offers a clue to what's wrong with the Prime Minister.
This is the Toronto (Red) Star, dear readers. This is the main Liberal soapbox in the country. When the Toronto Star starts communicating about the flaws of the current Liberal leader, you know two things:
  1. the current leader is toast
  2. there is a new leader in the wings
What's that you say Scott? Belinda, speak up, we didn't quite hear that. Oh, hello Mike. Welcome back to Canada.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Wearing the Liberal Brand Proudly

Seems like there's some anxiety out there about being an overt Martin supporter and member in fine standing of the Liberal Party.

You have to dig for a while on this guy's site to find the 'L' word mentioned (I've saved you some valuable surfing time and taken you several links away from the front door for the first mention of the 'L' word I could find).

Way to go Team Martin! Hello? Team Martin? Anybody there? Is this thing on? tap... tap...

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

It was just a matter of confusion and that matter has been resolved.
Does this mean I can go back to sleep now? A few details, for the curious, such as: where did the driver think he was going? Was he lost? This wasn't just a cargo of Liberal campaign lawnsigns, or Michigan-bound Toronto garbage, it was military hardware. We the people deserve an explanation.

The Kind of MP I Want

Forget honesty. Forget integrity. Forget compassion... the kind of MP I am looking for is one that has the humility to admit:
"I was talking in my customary way, with a lack of care."
With that kind of affliction, utterances which claim responsibility for economic performance might also be spoken with a lack of care:
"[...] health of the Canadian economy is largely determined by forces beyond the federal government."
What a remarkable gift one requests when one asks to be excused of all responsibility for what one says. All the structure and accountability of a piece of jello. A human weathercock that can freely rotate in the wind of public opinion. In other words, a leader!

Now I understand why the Liberal Illuminati are so high on this fellow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

So That's Where He Went

Former US Ambassador to Canada reappears during election:
[...]"I think Quebec politics was a factor,'' says Cellucci, who now works for Magna Entertainment, part of Toronto business tycoon Frank Stronach's family empire. ``But I also think that if the United Nations had endorsed the war, Canada would have been in, despite the objections of many in Quebec.[...]"
So, don't expect PMPM to do much Bush-whacking this campaign - BS won't stand for it.