Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First Liberal Exo-politician Becomes Candidate

The Liberals debunk the bloggers (most of whom are still rolling on the nation's floors harvesting the delusional revelations of a former True-Dough cabinet minister) again by unveiling their latest star candidate. Remind me to avoid space travel in the near future - evidently, the low partial pressure of Oxygen in space can fog one's thinking:
"It's been put out there, it's been solved."
It's been solved? So we found the rest of the missing money? The crooks are behind bars? Perhaps the little green men have gotten to him already, or he was simply too busy booking up on space mechanics to understand these fundamental laws:

Shaken's Three Laws of Corruption:
  1. Every Liberal in a state of uniform corruption tends to remain in that state of corruption unless an external force is applied to their backside.

  2. The relationship between a Liberal's massive sense of entitlement m, their access to money a, and the public funds stolen F is F = ma.

  3. For every corruption there is an equal and opposite voter reaction.