Saturday, June 25, 2005

You Be Progressive, I'll Be Sensible

Notice that neat phraseological trick of claiming the attribute of "progressive" to lefty points of view? Using a Venn diagram, I noodled this out, and found out that if I am not a member of the set included in progressive, then I am 'regressive'. Yikes. You can get shunned by the herd if you earn that label!

I am so sick of the word 'progressive' I am going to puke on the next person that uses it on me - and I'm warning you, I am eating my green vegetables these days.

OK Moonbats, I will concede to you on the now tired and anemic 'progressive' stance - you can have it, enjoy, bon chance, don't forget to write, etc.

On the other hand, I am going to claim ownership of the 'sensible' stance. That's right, my position on things is the 'sensible' one. You're 'progressive', I'm 'sensible'.

The Sensible Conservative Party of Canada
Sensible Social Policy
Sensible Fiscal Policy

"A rally of 'sensibles' showed up at Queen's Park..."

Canada's Sensible Newspaper

As I try it out here, I am liking it more and more!

That settles it. You Be Progressive. I'll Be Sensible.