Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Leopard's Spots

For those with short memories of Rae's gross mismanagement of Ontario, here's a reminder: The (Red) Star:
Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae says drivers will have to pay higher parking fees and congestion charges if Canada is to reduce gridlock and pollution.
I've watched Ontario waste it's productivity in its inadequate road system for 30 years. The daily cost to the economy of people and resources sitting in traffic around GTA is incalculable. Bob Rae's answer? Tax them. Stick, not carrot. Heavens no, don't build a road (or if you do, give it to your Teacher's Union to support their fully indexed pensions while the rest of us suffer wage deflation). Don't establish conditions for effective and efficient rapid transit; no, protect the unions that hobble our rapid transit systems.

And, what's good for Bombardier is good for Canada, no?

Would Rae have us ride bicycles the 30 miles to work? Wind powered bicycles?

How often do you think Bob Rae uses the GTA rapid transit system. Apparently Bob Rae's wrecking ball isn't finished with Ontario.