Saturday, November 12, 2005

It's About Branding

Of course, the Liberals mock Christians. But why? Really, why do they?

It's about branding a product. The Liberal Brand = "smart, caring, giving". The Conservative Brand (that the Liberals manage to create thanks to their buddies in high places in the MSM) = "stupid, mean, greedy".

Come on now, Canadians, when you hear a Southern accent, do you
  1. hear a stupid Bubba
  2. do not hear any accent at all, and listen strictly to the content

Of course, the answer is always unfailingly (2), because Canadians have no prejudices, do they?

By far, the most essential component of the brand is "smart" versus "stupid". The Liberals get away with it (does that mean they really are smarter?).

Now, why is it that Christians are stupid? What is it exactly about Jesus' platform that is orthagonal to Liberal dogma? Was it his association with the poorest? Was it his healing of the ill? Was it his aversion to wealth? Was it his moral code? Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the New Testament, other than it contains a few unbelievable tales. Virgin Birth? No intelligent person would buy that one. Son of God? Anyone who spends any time thinking about it would realize Jesus must have been a megalomaniac. So, Christians must be stupid because of their beliefs? Is it having religious beliefs that makes you stupid? To be Liberal, do you have to be an atheist? If not, then what is so particularly special about 'Christians'?

Christians are a convenient branding tool for the Liberals. By playing on the prejudices of the average Canadian - and yes, many Canadians are EXTREMELY prejudiced - the Liberals are able to build the associations in the average Canadians mindset - a Christian clings to stupid beliefs - why, look at those stupid Christians in the South. Scary! Scary, because they are going to try to limit your fun and FORCE you to live by the rules their stupid religion, once they get power.

The Conservatives need a street-smart and honest branding exercise. Let's hoist Honesty, Integrity, and Fiscal Responsibility as Conservative brand values. Are those solely White Virtues? Isn't it complete hypocrisy for Liberals to espouse tolerance of religious beliefs while at the same time using vague yet crafty marketing programs to foster intolerance of Christian beliefs?

I will tell you what I find scary: allowing smug, selfish, lying, power-hungry thieving hypocrits to have one more minute of access to our wealth.