Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's About Abortion and Daycare

The MSM in Canada continues with the "Harper is scary" meme. On a talk show last night, two talking heads brought this up again, but added "women find Harper scary". This is an important nuance here in vote-rich Ontario.

So, I introduce my call on this election. This election is about abortion rights. If not made an overt issue in the election, I predict a Conservative minority.

Why would the TV pundit add "women" to this equation? Do the math: Harper = Christian Fundamentalist = Ban on Abortion = forced to stay home and make babies. Ok, so throw in daycare as well: no state-funded daycare = forced to stay home and look after babies.

If Steven Harper wants to be Prime Minister, he needs to make sure that his position on abortion and daycare is clear. Don't hide the party platform on these issues. Get them out there immediately.

We're as mad as hell at the Liberal thieves and desperately want to kick them to the curb. That has a certain amount of electoral play, certainly. But is it enough? The distance the Liberals will be kicked depends on the alternatives available. What will make the difference? Women's votes.

Women are going to decide the flavor of the next government, and whether it will be a majority or minority.