Saturday, September 23, 2006

Simple Argument Escalates to 10 Church Burnings in Nigeria

It started like a typical exhange in the comments of a blog, but escalated rather seriously.
Joseph Hayab, of the Christian Association of Nigeria, told Reuters that the woman's comment was a tit-for-tat remark after a derogatory comment was made about Christianity.

"Her comment was in retaliation to uncomplimentary remarks made by her colleague about Jesus," he told the news service. The woman was detained briefly by police, then released, and that's what triggered the rioting, he said.
Barnabas Fund:
On 19th September in the city of Dutse, in the northern Nigerian state of Jigawa, a mob of Muslim youths set upon the Christian minority in the city. St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral was burnt to the ground and the Bishop’s office destroyed. Initial reports speak of between 4 and 10 other churches as well as shops, vehicles and homes belonging to Christians having been set ablaze. There are believed to be 15 churches locally, so 10 would amount to two-thirds of all the churches in the area. Several people were injured. According to some reports the state governor was himself attacked when he tried to calm the mob and was hurriedly taken away from the area. The mob was only quelled when hundreds of heavily armed police began belatedly began to patrol the city.