Wednesday, November 30, 2005


The first shot over the bow, dutifully discharged by the Liberals' lapdog press, looks like an attempt to frame the election around the unity debate. That's great. Here's how Harper could have responded to the question, "do you love Canada":
"Almost as much as Liberals like to steal"

"as much as the MSM in Canada loves the Liberals"

"like democracy itself!"
Or, as is the political fashion, he could have answered the question with a rhetorical question:
"is the Pope catholic?"

"does Quebec prefer pork to independence?"
I can't wait for the Liberals to trot this one out - it's the last cabbage in their patch - they are the only party that can save Canada. By ripping the rest of us off.

Liberals, take your unity flim-flam carpetbag and get lost.