Wednesday, November 16, 2005

One Tonne of Bio Byproduct

Ross McKitrick and Christopher Green, via John Deutsch Institute at Queen's University.
"After all, what affects climate is not annual emissions (a flow), but the global atmospheric concentration of GHGs (a stock). The relevant question is what will it take to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of GHGs at a level that avoids a "dangerous interference" with climate. Contrary to popular belief, including that of many climate policymakers, the facile view ... that a combination of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energies are capable of achieving stabilization, has been shown to be fundamentally flawed."
Essentially, what is being said is that the issue is not rate that you are adding salt to the soup that counts, rather, it's how much salt is in the soup: in other words, the one-tonne challenge is really some peculiar social experiment to measure the gullibility of the average Canuck.

Warning: this is post-progressive post. (explanation)