Saturday, November 05, 2005

This Man Thinks You Are Stupid

He is trying to have you believe that the Gomery Report exonerates him. He would have you believe that as Finance Minister under Chretien, he knew nothing. He would have you believe that as a senior member of the Liberal Party in Quebec he knew nothing. He would have you believe that Earnscliffe, which a whistleblower brought to the attention of the Auditor General and thus started the whole scandal, is not relevant.

Basically, he is acting as though you and I, the elected public he represents, are stupid. This is insulting beyond belief.

If this man was serious about cleaning up the mess, I would see whistleblower legislation on the docket right now. But I don't. I would see legislation extending the power of the Auditor General. I would see the Auditor General being giving access to the books of the various foundations and other organizations into which the Liberals have directed billions of our dollars. But I don't see that. Instead, I see desperate smear tactics.

In my opinion, the Liberal Party does not deserve to exist, let alone govern this country.