Tuesday, November 15, 2005

While We Utter Crap, China Cranks Out Widgets

Here is a fine example of trendy North American MBA mumbo-jumbo:
Under pressure from its leading institutional shareholders, San Jose, Calif.-based Knight Ridder said its board has hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to advise on "strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value, including the possible sale of the company."
Got that? Enhance shareholder value by liquidating. This is not 'enhancing'. This is 'realizing'. This is 'getting out while the getting out is good'.

From time to time some young dork sits across the table from me in a business meeting and starts spewing this drivel. The world is not one huge advertising campaign or marketing program folks. Speak plain. When you hear 'strategic', pay attention, because a stream of bovine excrement is about to be served up.