Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Society Does Not Need An Economy

The Star:
"Post-secondary education is key to both the economic and social future of the country"
The underlying message is that "economic future" and "social future" are two different things. Both will benefit from education, of course, but think about the underlying concept of a social future as though it is something uncoupled from our economic future.

This kind of thinking is exactly why the Left cannot govern, and why Ontario's experiment with the NDP failed so miserably.

The social future one enjoys is based entirely upon one's success economically. It is economics that shapes society, not the other way around. And why would I postulate such a dimwitted notion? Because, it's natural.

The world economy is a large eco-system, that brutally bypasses the marginal. The notion that we are free to make any social arrangement and lay upon that construct an economy, while true, is a hallucination: the economic-eco system of the world will bypass inefficient systems. That's just the way it works.