Monday, November 07, 2005

Misappropriation: Grounds for Dismissal

There's an interesting Vancouver Sun article about stray emails flowing out of the Government of Canada. Apparently, some of the emails reveal some Liberal Party internal machinations.

An explanation offered in the article is that a domain name similarity between a private sector domain name, and a government domain name result often results in simple typing errors directing email to the wrong place.

While others may focus on the nastiness of the content of the wayward email, and what it reveals about the Liberal cabal, I have a slightly different view.

These emails represent Liberal Party business. Not government business. Yes, I know, the Liberals, with their sense of entitlement, figure they are entitled to run/rob the country, but until we have a constitutional change to make one-party state official, they are not entitled. Therefore, Liberal Party business is not public business, and therefore should not be funded by the public. Therefore, use of government facilities, such as email, for conducting party business, including election strategy planning, is overt misappropriation of public facilities.

In the private sector, misappropriation of employer's property or services is grounds for instant dismissal, without compensation. In other words, immediate severence - no longer 'entitled to entitlements'.

Using Government of Canada technology infrastructure to conduct political party business is theft.