Sunday, November 06, 2005

Technical Books in Bananda (the Liberal Utopia)

Anyone else experienced this? Technical books, such as the Manning series, are a huge rip-off in Canada. What, are we protecting the nascent technical book publishing industry in Canada?

Does our government want Canada to be competetive? Then drop the tarriffs on technical books. Nearly none of these originate in Canada, there is no industry here to protect.

I used to have a Borders bookstore within walking distance of my home in Raleigh, NC. It had a vast technical book section, and pretty much was certain to have a title I needed, in stock, at the store.

Had a look in the Chapters/Indigo/Coles stores lately? It's a joke. Here it is, a Sunday, and there is a title I need. Do you think I can find the book in stock anywhere in this stupid country? Here I am looking for one of the hottest titles in the industry (in the US, where the industry engine still exists), and the bozos buying for this chain in Canada don't have a copy in sight. Not even in Toronto. Good grief. I can't wait for Barnes and Noble and Borders to arrive here and shake up these fools that run the bookselling monopoloy in Canada.

Is that likely to happen? Naw, we have to be sure we put the latest Canadian novels written by the best Liberal-supporting authors in front of the public. It's all about protecting 'culture'. How about protecting jobs?

The technical book trade in Canada is 3rd world, and a hideous ripoff.

UPDATE: and by all means, let's repeat this idiocy with Satellite Radio. I won't buy Satellite Radio unless it is 100% free enterprise. I still don't have cable TV, and I use parental guidance vehemently when I find the TV tuned to the main Liberal Propaganda Channel.