Monday, November 14, 2005

Top Ten Reasons To Not Want A Holiday Season Election

10. It's bad for business to have the premier retail advertising window filled with political attack ads. That's a serious revenue hit for the CBC!

9. Think about all the slush and crud that will be tracked into the polling stations. Who's going to clean that up -- some immigrant physician?

8. Damn it, we want to talk about office politics at the company Christmas party, not real politics!

7. Everyone knows it's not possible to think about the election and Christmas at the same time. What dummy thought that one up?

6. Does this mean I have to cancel my cruise?

5. If one more kid says "I want an honest government for Christmas" I'm going to scream at my therapist.

4. We're trying to get the new Canadian Hindus and Muslims to start spending at Christmas. How dare you take their minds off that?

3. We'll have to take sanctuary in the cinemas watching the latest Disney hit in order to get a break from all the hard thinking we have to do.

2. Last time we had a winter election, my damn neighbour's sign got picked up in a blizzard and came sailing clean through my front window. My insurance company refused to pay, saying it was an act of God. Ya, it was a Liberal sign.

1. I already know who I'm going to vote for, so we might as well let them just stay in office. Who needs all this fuss?