Saturday, December 10, 2005

Canada Lags Behind Pakistan

Mr. Dithers has calculated that his announced ban on handguns will bring the Toronto voters back to him, because the ensuing chatter from the riled-up property-right-wingers will send a chill down the soccer mom's spines. It may work. It's a stupid idea, but it may work.

I am looking forward to the logic that allows Brinks employees to carry handguns. It's because they are protecting something, right? Protecting what? Cash. Whose cash? Somebody's. Sombody's property. So, it must be morally acceptable to protect property using handguns. The principle is simple: try to steal this money, and you may be shot dead by a handgun. Just wondering... did Mr. Dithers also mean banning handguns from Brinks as well? Is it about to become open season on trucks full of cash? Cash which can be used to buy drugs and more handguns? Of course Mr. Dithers did not mean completely ban handguns, although that sounds mighty fine in the soundbite, but's it's a completely stupid idea.

Well, Mr. Dithers... did you think about deadly kites when you were busy trying to pull the wool over Torontonians eyes?