Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Foggy With A Slight Chance of Pork

This report just in from the heart of Trawna by our forward listening post hidden away in the Beach (Moonbat Central):
Holy Pink! S. Harper is getting up the snouts of the port siders. Overheard conversation on "how Harper is trying to bribe us with our own money - blah, blah" Jeez, you'd think every citizen has all of a sudden discovered personal responsibility and free markets but no, It turns out that it's far more insidious. It seems the sheep are so brainwashed that they have become enraged at Harper because...well, just because. Maybe they don't like the colour of his tie. They have no idea what they want but they won't stop until they get it. Harper has out Pinko'ed the Pinkos with the latest round of stolen loot for the 5 and under kids. Isn't this the goal of the port side? Is it too much? Not enough? Anyway, hopefully when Harper gets in he'll say: "Oops, the Lieberals have emptied the till and we can't give you all these goodies, tough shit" Steaming In TO