Sunday, December 11, 2005

Liberals: Same Old Same Old

I remember years ago Trudeau, with his typical arrogant smugness, responding to a reporter's questions about cutting taxes:
"they'll probably just spend it on imports"
Today, it's the same arrogant smugness, the same theme, but different words:
"they'll probably blow it on beer and popcorn".
And the theme? A Liberal knows best how to spend your money for you.

Take the Liberal approach to it's logical conclusion: send all you earn to Ottawa. The Liberals there will make all decisions for you. You will decide nothing.

We all still have one choice available on Jan 23: The state, run by smug, arrogant, smarmy pricks; or you, the individual, using your own wits and hard work. Collectivism, or individualism. Serfdom, or Liberty.