Friday, December 30, 2005

Goodbye Mama

Listening to CBC radio last Thursday. Interviewing documentary filmmaker. Discussion about the underlying issues that caused the 15 year old girl to die from a gunshot wound at Yonge and Dundas on Boxing Day.

Guest documentary filmmaker blames "everyone". "All of us".

I do not accept a scintilla of blame for this. I reject this projection of blame from airhead lefties.

These snot-nosed scumbags with the drugs and guns driving around Toronto in BMWs with tinted windows are to blame, not me, who has made an honest living all my life and is busy raising a family. Go to hell with this blame.

A few suggestions for addressing the problems. Obviously, harsh sentencing with mandatory minimums is a start. But, suppose Mama, who is an immigrant, perhaps has Canadian citizenship (which can be revoked), can and should be found guilty of sheltering an individual in possession of an illegal firearm used in a violent crime. Mama loses her citizenship, and is deported.

No amount of further stealing of my wealth, the savings I will need to educate my own children, and prepare for my own retirement will make the problems go away, and I will resist stridently any further attempts to transfer my hard-earned funds to this human garbage.

The problems caused by being soft on violent Jamaican-originated crime are not solved by being softer. They are solved by being tougher.