Friday, December 09, 2005

They're Lying (Again)

The Libranos are caught like deer in the headlights on the Income Trust Scandal. Just watched CTV news this morning with Monte Solberg and Goodale's human shield Parliamentary Secretary in full denial mode. CARP has flipped, flopped (after Librano pressure) and now flipped again (after sleeping on it). Don't forget those online logs from the Internet bulletin-boards. Googling is going full tilt, and will no doubt cough up the smoking gun.

The Libranos are doing this all wrong, and I am glad of it. By stonewalling, they will increase the damage to their brand tremendously. This is precisely the kind of issue where the blogosphere will show its power. The Libranos are caught in a timewarp, where they think all they have to do is put a talking head inside their friendly media spin-machine and they can weather the storm.

Wrong. I was checking the background of a potential business partner the other night, and found myself reading through various documents on the Internet way-back machine. I suspected a stock fraud, and found myself reading through an online bulletin board postings for a stock from a few years ago. The smoking gun was right there.

I suspect it won't be long before the Canadian blogosphere nails these lying "entitled to their entitlements" power-hungry thieving bastards to the wall, once and for all. And right in the middle of an election campaign. How sweet.