Saturday, December 10, 2005

Go For It Then

Gilless Duceppe extorts an apology from a someone who dared to speak the truth:
The province of Quebec needs equalization payments and money from Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia, otherwise it couldn't make ends meet," Ms. Chalifour-Sherrer said.
Mr. Duceppe said that if Quebec had all the powers of a sovereign country, it would not need equalization payments
Of course, Duceppe is wrong, and the quality of life in Quebec will take an enormous hit once the federal subsidies of industry and gun-registry consulting firms in Montreal comes to an end, but, the usual politician trick of apologizing after the deed is done can be used. No doubt, the new ruling class of independent Quebec will be just fine, thank you. I say it's time we found out just how well Quebec can do on its own, and how well the rest of Canada can do without Quebec dragging on its ankles.