Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yugo Daycare Inc.

Last evening's news brought us a tidy summary of the daycare proposals from the Liberals and the Conservatives. An interviewee postulated as to how we finally may have seen emerge a wedge issue in this campaign.

I will go a step further. A while ago, I asserted that daycare and/or abortion were the issues upon which the election would hinge. My reasoning? It's the woman's vote that will determine who wins.

The CBC segment ended with the incisive distinction being made between the CPC and LPC proposals: statism. CPC: families should decide for themselves. LPC: nanny state will take this burden off your tiny minds.

So, women of Canada. It's decision time. Do you wish to abdicate personal responsibility to Nanny State, and accept all that ensues from such a decision, or, do you wish to accept your responsiblity and reject yet another intrusion of the state into our lives? What is in your hearts? What do you feel is best for your children? Do you trust the LPC to do what is best for your children? Do you like not having a choice? Has that been working well for you with healthcare? What could make you believe that state delivery of daycare will be executed any better than state delivery of health care?

A word of caution while you contemplate how well you expect the government to perform in this task: the LPC is dressing it up as "early learning". Do private schools outperform state schools? What is meant by "early learning"?

My children attended early learning schools at a local church while we lived in the States. We had to pay for it. The children loved going there. It was a happy place for them. While they got a jump on other children that did not attend similar facilities, now that they are older, they rest of the pack has caught up and the playing field level. Most of all, they learned social skills in this setting, and that there are other adults in this world that are trustworthy, loving, and even fun. And, they never went on strike.

Take responsibility, or abdicate to nanny state yet again. What shall it be?