Friday, July 15, 2005

A Question About Libranotopia is Answered

A question is asked here:
"Do we have to accept a number of bloody outbursts rather than come to a head with politically sensitive issues?"
I can answer that question. In Libranotopia, the answer is yes.

7/7 stirred a few of the sheeple. A few of them realized that the Librano-induced "they actually love us so they won't blow us up" stupor was a sham. "Yes, of course we've seen young middle eastern men with backpacks on the subway. My god, it really could happen here, easily! What a pack of crap those Libranos are selling". Enough sheeple, and some of their MSM herders figured it out that the Libranos, in their typical style, could feel a little of their political grasp loosen. Time to change the message, so Screechin' Annie starts now with the telling it like it is.

Will the sheeple hold the Libranos accountable? Naw, the MSM and the Libranos lead by following, so they will continue to tell the electorate whatever the electorate thinks they want to hear. That will be good enough for the sheeple.

No, I'm afraid it will take the shock of real incident for the sheeple to finally understand that they foolheartedly have excused the corruption and trampling of democracy because they thought they were getting good government. The Libranos are merchants of hot air, and eventually, this will become obvious to more people than just a few inconsequential bloggers. I hope achieving real accountability does not require any kind of shock, but I am resigned to the fact that only something so horrendous will bring the electorate to the fully awake and alert state.