Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sensible Securities Regulation

An article in the Globe and Mail reports that Finance Minister Goodale is seeking to federalize securities regulations.

This is a move I support. It's sensible. I hope we visit inter-provincial trade soon after we tackle securities regulations.

I know it's the right thing to do. Quebec will block all of it, of course, making sure it has a tight grasp on its role as deadweight on the rest of us.

Mr. Goodale, fine with me if you establish arrangements with ROC and let Quebec do whatever it wants.

Another suggestion: the article alludes to the Federal government's desire to increase Canadian productivity. One obvious place to look is at the reward system for increased producivity. Why don't we try a system that allows people to keep more of the wealth they create, rather than tax them into mediocrity while the fruits of their labor are deposited into small brown envelopes and handed over to the Montreal Mafia?

Maybe good things will start happening with Canadian productivity when the central government realizes that it cannot create productivity (central planning was a miserable failure, remember?), but rather, can by its actions do much to damage productivity.

If the Canadian government is serious about increasing our productivity, which is essential to maintaining our lifestyle, then it should having a good long look in the mirror, analysing the ways in which it thwarts that productivity, and then stops doing those things.

Oh, but I am sure it's far, far more complex than that. What I expect to see is a Royal Commission of highly-paid Librano buddies trotting around the country, compiling a fat report, which will contain much bitter medicine and thus be promptly filed. And we will get lipservice to productivity. Just like we get lipservice to security. And healthcare.