Friday, July 15, 2005

Hunting Tigers From The Punjab

National Post:
Vancouver businessman who is demanding a tax receipt for money he gave Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal two years ago says he is a member at large of Liberal Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh's riding association.[...]
The Libranos must be assuming that smearing Grewal will cause the electorate to erase its memory tape on some activities in the recent past that deserve our unwavering scrutiny.

So where else might the two names mentioned in the National Post article turn up? Perchance one browses to a webpage describing the makeup of a board of directors. Intrigued by what one finds, one has a look around at the other contents at that site, and stumbles across an annual report, that has interesting lines describing funds received from something listed as "CIDA".

Not sure when the MSM is going to give us more information about these accusers, so we'll just have to go digging ourselves.

A historical note about the venue of this little drama: Vancouver South. Here is a reminder of how the nomination process for the candidate in that riding proceeded last election. More about that from CTV:
[...]While two candidates were acclaimed, Dosanjh was appointed, meaning he will not have to face a nomination battle. Martin described the action as a "rare exception," but said that sometimes it's the best way to ensure the right people are running for the party, and Dosanjh has much to offer the Liberals.[...]
No doubt it is incidents such as these that require the country to have a cabinet minister specially missioned with 'democratic renewal'.

In the meantime, let's not forget what started this whole mess: "No offer was made". Sure.