Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wake Me Up When This Movie Is Over

Seems there's a lot of hand-wringing these days over the fact that we're not going to the movies enough.

I remember when going to the movies was a form of entertainment free of advertising. And a movie started at the announced time.

The theatres have been pulling a fast one on us. We have advertising jammed down our throats, and the start times are jigged so we arrive early enough to be forced to watch them.

This isn't so hard to figure out. The movies has become too much like television. Just like the news has become too much like the movies.

If I have to pay big dollars to receive a product that is not different than network television, I'll wait for the DVD.

The reason that we don't go to the movies? Because the greedy bastards have wrecked the experience. It's going to be great when free enterprise figures this out and delivers us an experience we are willing to pay for, line up for, and lay down champagne coin for Cokes. In the meantime, I suggest the MBA's get their heads out of the spreadsheets and pay attention to the world around them.