Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My American PFLP Cab Driver

At one time in my life I did an awful lot of flying. I took a lot of cab rides to and from airports. I always attempted to engage my drivers in conversation.

A few weeks prior to 9/11, I was in an airport cab in the Southern city in which I lived, and was driven home by a middle-eastern cab driver. He told me quite a story.

First, when I asked where he came from, "Palestine" was the answer. Odd, I thought. And how did he come to be driving his cab in the USA? What is his status in the USA? "Citizen". Odd again.

The story he told me was that he was PFLP. PFLP were turfed out of Lebanon. He went to Guatamala. From there, he was smuggled into Mexico. Then, into the US. He disappeared in NYC.

In NYC, he obtained fake documents that allowed him to obtain US citizenship. He didn't elaborate much on these. Time was running out.

A few weeks later, 9/11. My next door neighbor was a former Federal prosector, prominent citizen, City Councillor. His father was CIA under Kennedy. He has friends in the FBI and Secret Service.

I told him this story, and suggested the FBI might be interested to know that there is an admitted former PFLP terrorist driving a registered airport cab, having obtained US citizenship fraudulently. At least, I thought the circumstances were unusual enough to warrant a look see.

The FBI was not interested. They should have been. The network put this fellow behind the wheel of this US airport cab needs to be illuminated.