Friday, July 15, 2005

Freedom of Choice

Vancouver Sun:
Hours after the terror attacks on the London subway and a bus last week, the Canadian Islamic Congress issued a brief statement that condemned the bombing.

It offered no condolences, expressed no grief, displayed no shock; it was instead a directive to the public not to blame Islam.

"We hope Canadian Muslims are not found guilty by association," said its national president, Mohamed Elmasry.

Criticism forced him to subsequently toss in some disingenuous sympathy, but he'd shown his true colours. That Elmasry should be speaking as the head of any Islamic organization is an affront to what its followers call a religion of peace.

Last year, he suggested all Israelis over the age of 18 should be murdered, arguing that because Israel has a civilian army they are legitimate targets for Palestinian suicide bombers. There were calls for his resignation, which Muslim leaders refused. Later, on a CBC radio program, he defended Islamic terrorism, saying the colonial powers committed worse atrocities and deserved what they got.

In general, in the West we have crafted democratic constitutions that have allowed us to construct generally peaceful and industrious societies. Consequently, we really don't care what religion one follows. What matters is that members of our society contribute by leveraging their abilities. We collectively benefit from the environment created by non-violent individual value-add, no matter how grand nor how modest. I admire the people that serve me as much as I admire those I serve. Don't ask me to celebrate anything other than my own life. You celebrate yours. I will celebrate mine. You contribute your way. I will contribute mine. Do we have a deal?

That is the opportunity for Muslims in the west: contribute your value-add, and go about your lives. Now there is a choice: accept and embrace this deal, or leave my society. If you accept and embrace the deal, then welcome, and let's get to work. If not, then please, just stay away. Same for anybody else, not just Muslims.

How best to demonstrate acceptance of this deal? Close the door on the nutjobs that are taking your religion into the weeds. If an Imam preaches violence and the destruction of western society, then find another mosque. Embrace our fight to defend this society against Muslim terrorists.

Muslims have in the west the choice before them. Join our society and contribute, or allow the sociopaths to marginalize your communities.

My preference is clear. Reject them. Choose us.