Sunday, May 08, 2005

Reserve Powers of the Crown

What a wondrous thing the blogosphere is. It's Mother's Day here in Canada, so of course, after joining my own children in celebrating with their mom, joining my wife in celebrating with her mom, then celebrating with my mom, precedence dictated that I pay my respects to Her Majesty. Which, in a perfunctory manner, brings me finally to the point of this post.

At Observant Jew:
[...] The answer lies in two words:reserve powers. In the reserve powers of the Crown lie the final line of defense against tyranny in the Westminster system. Ultimately, if a government goes rogue, the Crown's reserve powers allow the Queen, or her Governer-General in the Canadian case, to dismiss the Prime Minister. All she has to do is find a caretaker Prime Minister who is willing to agree to request a dissolution and I'm sure Stephan Harper would be willing to go along with this scenario. [...]

Let the pundits not overlook the GG's pedigree: her bafflegabbing consort was once Maurice Strong's assistant at PetroCan. Maurice Strong is Paul Martin's mentor. The GG was a CBC wonk for many years.

It is my earnest expectation that should matters arrive at the GG's doorstep, that we will see the Liberal Party close ranks, trim sail, batten the hatches, and ride out the resulting storm under the divine protection of their media spin machine.

Should our future so unfurl, it will be as though a wooden stake has been driven through the heart of the country. Emotionally, for me, the country is finished.

To all mothers everywhere: Bless you on this day.