Saturday, May 07, 2005

Know Your Enemy

Jihad Unspun
And then when the leader of the battalion, Muhammad Atta, sees that there is nothing but a few hundred meters separating them from the tower he says to Sattam: “Tell the guys to come to here, Praise be unto Allah, we are on the verge of reaching our home.”

Sattam hurries quickly and he calls the guys “Waa’il, Waleed, Abdul-Azeez, come here quick!” They enter and lock the door of the cockpit behind them.

These are the ceremonies of martyrdom of the new martyrdom path in the world of humankind. We Muslims invented it, and we lead humanity in it; that we are martyred together holding hands, hugging one another, and singing the melody of eternity and repeating, as we head towards death:

Zealots with a death wish.

Lefties would have us give them a hug. Fools.

Let there be no doubt. This needs to be exterminated before it has a chance to exterminate us, for given the chance, exterminate us it will. This is Jonestown on a global scale, but with a difference: their act of purification before death is your death, or mine.