Friday, May 06, 2005

Oil For Food: Bierut, Montreal connection continued

For those new to the story, the US Senate hearings into Oil For Food turned up the name 'Limpex Trading' during discussion of funds being redirected by BNP Paribas to 3rd parties. Using that information I tracked down a possible connection between a trading company with the same name situated in Montreal, and an offshore company located in Beirut. That offshore company claims to have a branch at another location in Beirut. The fax number of that branch location, is identical to the fax number of another Lebanese business found to have Oil For Food contracts placed on hold by the US. The contract information was found in unlinked pages at a Colorado anti-Iraq war website.

I found an entry in an online Lebanese community that hints of a connection between the trading company I found in Montreal, and Beirut here - a former MEA employee now living in Canada.
I was born in Zalka, Beirut, Lebanon, worked for MEA and moved to Montreal, Canada in 1987. My origin are from Ghadrass, a small village in Kessrouan.
Administration, Limpex
671 Gertrude - Laval, Quebec, Canada
Ghadras, Zalka - 1955
Record Created on August 21st, 2001
In earlier posts you will see my research that found possible ties between a trading company in Montreal and an offshore company in Beirut through contact names found on the web.

The name of an individual identified as an executive in that Beirut company (found in Turkish website) results in a successful lookup in a Canadian online phone directory. The resulting directory entry yields a residential address in Montreal. Further checks into that address identifies the location to be a mixed professional/ executive suite highrise building that offers furnished rental aparments.