Friday, May 06, 2005

Oil For Food: Sweet Home Al-Banna

US Treasury Department:
NIDAL, Abu (a.k.a. AL BANNA, Sabri Khalil Abd Al Qadir);
Founder and Secretary General of ABU NIDAL ORGANIZATION;
DOB May 1937 or 1940;
POB Jaffa, Israel (individual) [SDT]
This person was an infamous terrorist (now believed to have committed suicide in Baghdad), and is blacklisted by the Treasury Department (see the linked sanctions document).

US Navy:
Location/Area of Operation
Al-Banna relocated to Iraq in December 1998, where the group maintains a presence. Has an operational presence in Lebanon including in several Palestinian refugee camps.

How chilling: the name I found listed in Montreal is Albanna, the same name I found that linked to alleged Oil For Food fund redirection by BNP Paribas.

When I did some background research on "Abu Nidal Organization" (ANO), I saw many references to close ties to Iraq, and routing funding through Lebanon. Perhaps a total co-incidence. But it is chilling to find a telephone listing in Montreal for an Albanna that is renting a furnished executive suite, and shares the same name as an executive for a company in Lebanon linked to Oil For Food contracts placed on hold by the US. Very chilling indeed. Scroll down to my earlier posts to see how the dots connect.

Earlier today I put up a post with a .gif from a UN Treasury auditor in which the auditor complains that higher priced wheat imports were being purchased under OFF even though locally available product could obtained cheaper. It was a post by Kate over at Small Dead Animals about Saskatchewan Wheat Pool fund redirections that got me started on all of this research.

Anyway, IMHO, the coincidences I have uncovered around connections, names, foreign countries etc. are just to startling to be ignored.

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