Friday, May 06, 2005

Mail In 2 Box Tops and a Loonie For A PhD

I was attracted by the headline on this "article" while browsing at Is Iran a major threat? Well, yes, I would like to know, so I read on. Here is the scintillating analysis offered up
Many people in the Middle East wonder about the fuss over Iran's nuclear programme, which is for peaceful purposes, when it is known Israel is a major nuclear power. As party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, NPT, Iran signed in 1968 when the NPT came into existence, Iran has repeatedly stated said it is compelled to develop a nuclear programme for peaceful purposes only.
The article continues
It is Israel that introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East. As early as 1948, it began scientific research with the help of France to acquire a nuclear capability. With a suggested capability of between 200 and 400 thermonuclear and nuclear weapons, Israel today stands as one of the leading nuclear powers in terms of an offensive military arsenal.
Iran is not mentioned again in the article until several Israel-bashing paragraphs later.
And what is being played out today in international circles by Israeli politicians shows their offensive posture could be happen again against Iran if Tehran does not accept more on-the-spot inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This is a view demanded by the U.S., Europe and Israel which openly says Iran is using the NPT to develop its own nuclear weapons.

This is because, under NPT rules, nuclear material can be imported into the country for peaceful

purposes like electricity generation. However, the U.S. is pressing Iran to sign an additional protocol or addendum to the NPT which will allow the IAEA to make unnannouced, on-the-spot inspections, which are deemed to be more searching than the regular inspections.

So far, Iran has refused, deeming the present agreement adequate, thus causing them additional pressure from the West and Israel.
So Dr. Asmar of the "Gulf News Research Centre", were you ever going to get around to answering the question you posed in your headline? How insightful. Israel bad. Iran not bad.