Monday, June 13, 2005

A Telephone Interview

You know life is good when you learn about a career opportunity in south Florida, contact by email, ask for invitation to present resume, get invitation, send resume, and within a few hours you have arranged a telephone interview. How my American friends are good at making decisions!

Update (V1R1): interview has happened, went well, glad I have the Green Card... dang those Yanks know how to do business...

Update (V2R1): telephone call received from principal (2nd call in same day), setting up call with technical folks tomorrow (to find out if I am blowing smoke at them or know what I am doing)... this has a decent pace to it... talk of flying down to Florida to have a look see... AND BEST OF ALL... the work sounds terrific!

Update (V3R1): telephone interview today with technical fellow ... call went well... it's looking very positive

Update (V4R1): received phone call inviting me to fly down to Florida on Sunday, interview and return on Monday.