Monday, June 13, 2005

Time to Spring the Trap is Soon

Having been taught well by their alpha superiors (a.k.a. the Liberal Party of Canada) to lie, bold-faced and brazenly, Canadians have been of late making great sport of sending the dictator's Prime Minister's pollsters scurrying back to the Hill with the latest great news.

That's right my Liberal pals, we Canadians are so sick of your scandals, your thievery, lies, deceptions, heavy-handedness, moral weathervaning, lust for power, that we have pulled the Big One on you: those polls? We're lying through our teeth. And thanks for the call. They were oh so polite.

That's right. We're lying to you. We've led you on. You have been bullshitted and sandbagged. Make your move. We've been waiting...