Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aggressive Denial, Praise Be

via Nealenews:
OTTAWA (CP) - A group representing Canadian Muslims accuses security officials of unacceptable intimidation when investigating terrorism.

The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations says CSIS and RCMP officers have used aggressive behaviour, threats of arrest, visits at work and intrusive questioning.

The council released a survey indicating that of the 467 people who responded, eight per cent - most of them young, Arab males - had been visited by one of the two security agencies.

Almost half who received visits said it made them feel fearful, anxious and nervous, while about one-quarter said they felt harassed and discriminated against.

The council wants Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan and Justice Minister Irwin Cotler to probe the matter.

McLellan has denied that federal agencies resort to racial profiling - the investigation of offences based on race and ethnicity.

Racial profiling? So, we should be fair-handed about this and question senior citizens, homeless, Christians, aboriginals, Afro-Canadians, Asian-Canadians, etc. in proportion to the ethnic makeup of the country in order to avoid 'racial profiling'. In order to gather intelligence on Islamic fundamentalists positioning to commit terror attacks, we should question Christian ranchers in Alberta?

RCMP and CSIS poking around the Arab-Canadian Islamic community makes plain sense. Those within that community that wish to help their new country defend itself against terrorism should be willing to co-operate with these agencies, as would any other patriot.

How stupid to pretend we aren't looking for sleeper terrorist cells within an ethnic community from which has sprung a group that has flown airplanes into office buildings and blown up commuter trains.