Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tories Contemplate Motion to Adjourn

CP via The Recorder:
[...]Several Tory MPs heading into a caucus meeting on the Hill say the move known as an adjournment motion is an option open to them and will be discussed with the party's leadership. The vote would paralyze the government by stopping the budget from coming for a final vote.

Deputy Conservative Leader Peter MacKay says the adjournment motion - which must be called without debate - might push Prime Minister Paul Martin to call an election.

MacKay says the election campaign has been on for some time and Martin must live with the reality that Tuesday's vote shows he does not have a majority of MPs willing to pass his agenda. [...]
This could be nifty. No defeat on the budget to whine about and spin. Staunched flow of public money buying votes. Nothing happens until Martin walks to Rideau Hall to the strains of Gomery (and Earnscliffe?) playing in the background. I like the idea.