Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is It Treason?

Kate at SDA starts our blog day off with a link to this expose by Beryl P. Wajsman:
Dare To Call It Treason

[...] Corbeil alleged that a relatively small group of highly influential political, corporate and legal mandarins had as their foundational, over-reaching purpose the “…acquisition of power over this country; the consolidation of that power; and most importantly the exploitation of that power…” And how that power was obtained and manipulated through control of the institutions of what he termed the “…réseau Libéral …” the Liberal network.

A network that operated at the national level using the various provincial wings as facades to conceal the real work of their machine. A machine whose core was the Federal Liberal Agency for Canada with the complicity of the party executive and the electoral commission. A machine that had its own fund-raising apparatus depositing in Ottawa; whose orders were to be strictly obeyed at the regional and local levels; and whose members included the highest ranking elected and operational representatives of both the Chrétien and Martin camps.[...]
If this allegation of treason is true, we must eliminate the Liberal Party - not politically - but legally, physically. In toto.

Those of us that have been around a while and have witnessed the successive regimes of the Liberal Party, especially Trudeau's, have a deep sense that this is indeed true. It is not orthagonal to what we have witnessed over the years - in fact, it is in perfect alignment.

We must wipe the Liberal Party of Canada from our political landscape. Nothing less. And we must start now - with today's actions in Parliament.