Monday, May 09, 2005

The Perfect Machine

Out with the family for a Mother's Day perambulation through a stand of old-growth hardwoods. No, I will not tell you where. Find your own.

Was discussing the carbon cycle with my children, young budding scientists that they are.

Oxidation of carbon, yielding energy, which causes lettuces to translate earth surface location from the Imperial Valley to our local grocery store. One byproduct is CO2.

Question to children: if you could invent the perfect machine to undo the oxidation of CO2, what would it be like?

Well, it would run on solar energy, for one. It would not need any maintenance for two. It would be very cheap. Everyone could have as many as they have room for. Ideally, it would give us pure oxygen as its byproduct.

Look around, I said. We're standing in the middle of a warehouse full of them.

If the true purpose of Kyoto is to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, why does it not provide credits for planting these machines?