Sunday, May 08, 2005

Kyoto Schmyoto

Canada Free Press:
[...]The Heidelberg Appeal--which states that there is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming, has been signed by over 4,000 scientists from around the world since the petition’s inception. I strongly questioned these high numbers, since I’ve had benefit of the Canadian government’s public relations machine on this issue. Dr. Leahey has since sent documentation to back his figures up.

All those scientists were in total agreement: the Kyoto Protocol was complete fiction.

The scientists are so committed to fighting the Kyoto Accord and its misrepresentation of the truth, that they produced a 27-minute documentary and paid for its production with their own money.

The research, the study, the organization, the production of a documentary — those efforts made up the easy part. The tough part was to get it in front of the Canadian people.

The big broadcasters had denied them "the switch" as we call it in the industry: the ability to put it on television for Canadians to see. "Not of broadcast quality," they sneered.

I met with four of the scientists. They showed me the piece. The information held in this 27-minutes should be required viewing for all Canadians. Yet here we have the national broadcasters saying "No"--refusing to broadcast scientific evidence of an important national issue.


Some of the smartest people in this country had come up against the keepers of the gates, when it comes to Canadian television. You will never hear their names, but they are the ones who pick and choose all documentaries that Canadians will get to see.

The Canadian government created an entity known as Telefilm and the Canadian Television Fund--a $250-million slush fund of taxpayers’ dollars. A bureaucracy that in theory provides funds for the creation of Canadian programming. Hidden in this monolith are a few interesting rules:

1. If you roll a camera before you get permission from them, you are not eligible for any funding.

2. You must have a letter of licence from a broadcaster to qualify for funding.

3. You can only apply twice a year.

Obviously, the scientists had contravened all of these rules. They had even paid to make the documentary with their own money. This is definitely a faux pas! I speak with considerable authority here.

Now, here they are with some of the most important information Canadians need to know about their climate--their very life’s breath--and they can’t tell Canadians.

The information they are trying to tell us runs absolutely in the face of that government information carried so thoroughly and convincingly by our national broadcasters, complete with the ads that most of us have seen--you know, the tonnes of matter in the air, you can cut down emissions, take the one tonne challenge, etc.

The national broadcasters are not going to run the documentary the scientists have produced.[...]
I've been running a series of posts on global warming myths from the Friends of Science, the organization mentioned in the linked article.

As I read the article, my blood pressure rose as the story turned to the suppression of contrarian opinion by - surprise - our media. Well, we won't have the MSM problem to deal with for a whole lot longer. Given the speed at which information travels through the blogosphere, the vast intellectual resources which intersect with that information in real time, and the diversity of views available, the MSM is doomed - witness its progressive march towards relegation to tabloid-style promotion of its vertically integrated entertainment product.

MSM is dead. Long live the blog.