Monday, May 02, 2005

Oil for Food - On the Trail of Pierre Mouselli

Pierre Mouselli has been in the news recently as the man who met with Kofi and Kojo Annan.

Address of Malaysia High Commission in Lagos, Nigeria

High Commission of Malaysia (Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria)
High Commission of Malaysia
Plot 220, Etim Inyang Crescent
Victoria Island Annex
P.O.Box 3729
Federal Republic of Nigeria Nigeria
Telephone: (234-1) 619415, Fax: (234-1) 612741
Contact Person: H.E Mohd. Zain bin Abu Bakar (Ambassador of Malaysia)

and from World Bank Water and Sanitation

Pierre Mouselli
Managing Director/Chief Executive
Grand Stars Resources & Investment Limited
Plot 220 Etim Inyang Crescent
Victoria Island Annex,
P.O. Box 75694, V/I
TEL 234-1-7742693
FAX 234-1-262 47 38
Remarkably similar addresses we see.

Claudia Rosett revealed that officials were looking at transactions to East Star Trading, a Malaysia-based company.
Three instances of reassigned oil-for-food letters of credit have already come to light, disclosed last November at a hearing of the House International Relations Committee, where members questioned BNP's chief executive officer for North America, Everett Schenk, who did not provide an explanation. In all three cases, the letters of credit - totaling millions - guaranteed funds from the Iraq account meant to pay one of Saddam's U.N.-approved suppliers of relief, the Saudi Arabia-based firm Al Riyadh International Flowers. Instead, BNP reassigned the letters of credit to a Malaysia-based firm, East Star Trading Company. Why?
M. Mouselli has a colourful past. A reference to him is found here: (translated from French)
15 month with deferment for the man businesses Pierre Mouselli

The Lebanese businessman Pierre Mouselli, 50 years, former leader of Radio operator Montmartre and the furs "Pierrot the Wolf", was condemned to 15 month of imprisonment with deferment and 15 000 euros of fine by the correctional court of Paris for bankruptcy.
I cannot yet determine if Mr. Mouselli, who is reported to be French-Lebanese, is associated in any way with Letra OSC SAL. Letra OSC claims to have an affiliate in Montreal.

This article mentions Limpex Trading. A quick look on Google reveals a few references to Limpex. Here is one:
Limpex Trading Inc
671, rue Gertrude,
Fabreville, QC H7P 3A4
Tel. : 450-625-2222

Category : Exporters
Directory : Laval
Another reference was found here.
產品名稱:Sporting Goods
產品描述:*Sporting Goods, Exercise Equipment.
聯絡人:Nabil Albanna

地址:671, rue Gertrude Laval, Quebec, Canada H7P 3A4
Nabil Albanna is mentioned as an executive of Letra SAL OSC, which lists as activities oil spare parts, water sanitation projects, and has an affiliate in Montreal.