Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Time to Visualize the New Canada

The Libranos have no vision for Canada, only for their own bank accounts. They are about to pay for that myopia.

Now is the time to shift our dialog and thought processes from what we are against, to what we are for. It is time to visualize a New Canada, one with which are we are proud to associate.

Here's a start. I am for
  • healthy family life as the crucible in which we raise good and productive citizens
  • good morals, right from wrong, no matter what basis delivers these - be it Christiantity, Islam, the Jewish faith, I don't care. There is a right, and there is a wrong. Walk the staight and narrow path
  • the merits of the individual - their unique talents, energies and drive
  • pragmatism
  • personal responsibility
  • living each day as a day of discovery and opportunity
I don't need to worry about others who make unusual choices - go in peace, but let us have a norm which is right, productive, healthy, such that each day of life is stimulating and meaningful. We don't need to celebrate deviations from that norm, as we have the compassion to silently tolerate.

We're a good people, really, in this frozen white behemoth. Let's enjoy each other appropriately and live, live, live.