Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fake Email Domain Registration

Remember where Nixon's "Dirty Tricks" took him?

A commentor at smalldeadanimals gives us some domain registration information on the fake email.
The domain name is registered to:

Alice A Tokareff
Alice A Tokareff (
7 Moscoyskiy Av
Leningradskaya oblast,190031
Tel. +007.8125794869
person: Vladimir E Kuznetsov
address: 29, Viborgskaya nab.,
address: 198215 Saint Petersburg, Russia
phone: +7 812 3232323
fax-no: +7 812 3232323
nic-hdl: INTV-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
Curious about the address, I did some Googling. Moscoyskiy Av appears to be a mispelling of the street name where this institution is located. Since the technical institution is at 26 on the same street (assuming I am correct about the mispelling), then the domain registrant would be within a stone's throw of the technical institute. Check the specializations.

UPDATE: the postal code in the registration information is consistent with the spelling-corrected domain registration street address, as per this. As well, the telephone code +7 812 is also consistent with other entities listed in Russian Yellow Pages in the same locale.

UPPER-DATE: This Pravda is fascinating:
FBI agents have recently arrested a Russian employee of the United Nations Organization in New York, Vladimir Kuznetsov. The Russian diplomat, 48, was arrested less than a month after the arrest of another Russian UN official over the money laundering allegation. Kuznetsov was charged with money laundering conspiracy within the scope of the Oil for Food Program to help Iraqi citizens during 1996-2003. It is too early to talk about an extensive international response about the incident: the arrested Russian was a UN official, but not a representative of Russia in the Unit
A resume of note here. Award recipient.

It's useful to look at what else the ISP in question operates: This resulted in

cidr-report as30968

netlantis graph as30968

netlantis list customers as30968

Net of Alkor Ltd, hosting service provider, which provides shared and dedikated hosting, mail hosting and domain name registration.

ix import export
unknown 4 4
AS2854 ROSPRINT-AS &Equant Russia AS
export: (AS30968 INFOBOX-AS Net of Alkor Ltd, hosting service provider, which provides shared and dedikated hosting, mail hosting and domain name registration...)
import: (ANY)
AS3267 RUNNET-AS RUNNet Russian Federal University Network
export: (AS30968)
import: (ANY)
AS20632 PETERSTAR-AS JSC PeterStar North-West region Russia
export: (AS30968)
import: (ANY)
AS20764 RASCOM-AS CJSC Rascom, St.Petersburg, Russia
export: (AS30968)
import: (ANY)

UPPER-UPDATE: another institution found at 9 Moscoyskiy Av St.Petersburg - found here:
Contact information
The name of the educational institution:
St.Petersburg State Transport University

Address: 9 Moskovsky Pr., St.Petersburg, 190031, Russia
Phone: +7-(812)-168-82-52, +7-(812)-168-87-00
UPPER-UPPER-DATE: also checking the State Marine Technical University after reading this.

UPPITIEST-UPPER-DATE: Look who's moved:
Hosted by: INFOBOX aka aka aka Alkor Ltd, hosting service provider, which provides shared hosting, mail hosting and domain name registration.
198215 Saint Petersburg, Russia

UPPIER-UPPIEST-UPPER-UPDATE: There was a conference held, commencing Tuesday, November 22, 2005, which lists as a presenter a Vladimir Kuznetsov
New Opportunities for IP Carriers - in Communicative Realm!
Vladimir Kuznetsov, MINIR
in a session on Thursday, November 24, 2005. I don't know what the MINIR is all about, I'm looking into it. Meanwhile, Alexey has an American friend in Sweden, who links to him here.