Saturday, January 14, 2006

Scam Registry - InfraScam

Adscam. Reloscam. ITScam. StripperScam. The Librano scam namespace is getting crowded.

I read that the Libranos are going to announce massive spending on infrastructure. We know how Librano pork and kickback mechanisms work. Therefore, to bring about order to the Librano Scam Namespace, I propose the Librano Scam Registry. Henceforth, all Librano Scams must be properly pre-registered so as to provide a means to properly refer to and categorize same.

As a civil contribution to our society, I have taken the initiative to pre-register 'InfraScam', a convenient handle by which we can refer to the ensuing scandals if the Libranos should somehow miraculously retain power and carry through on their proposed Infrastructure spending.