Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Real London Target?

For a dedicated Jihadist, can you imagine anything worse than having the world agenda turned away from Islam and towards Live 8 and African aid?

Could it be that the London bombing was a refocusing of the global media off of Live 8 and Africa and back to the Islamofascist's agenda?

If this theory is correct, then we in the west have just stumbled upon a possible tool to elicit movements and communications that build intelligence that can eventually expose and undermine the fifth columns operating in our midst.

The way to deal with a dedicated yet hidden enemy is to find ways to draw him out. This was the logic behind the forward base at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam war. The idea behind Khe Sanh was to lure the enemy into a concentrated battle formation by offering an appealing target. The advantage of superior US firepower could then be realized.

Similary, our Jihadists need to have center stage. Shifts in global attention away from their cause and onto another have to be more vexing than confronting the US military in Iraq.

More of these perfectly useless global media events might deliver us a real benefit after all.

Just thinking out loud. Takes my mind off the cat food.