Sunday, July 10, 2005

Stay Alert

Disturbing chatter about more mass transit attacks coming soon here.

GO Train commuters: do you know what to do if you see something "not right"? Do you see any postings on platforms reminding you what to look for, and informing you what to do? When you board the train, are you reminded yet again?

Let's not blandly accept Screechin' Annies' lame words about what she is doing. There should be clear reminders on all public transit, highlight what people should watch for, and what to do if they see something not right - like a backpack under an unoccupied seat. Or someone riding one stop? Or purchasing an unusual one-stop ticket? Or a cell-phone where it shouldn't be?

Don't rely on our lame governments to have things under control. They consistently demonstrate to us they care more about their pensions and snout-gorgings at the public trough than our well-being. They won't act unless we force them. Or, unless a tragic event embarasses them into action. For once, let's abandon our apathy and get the government and transit authorities to act.

Is this a fear response? No. I am not afraid to live my Western life. That includes flying, riding mass transit, attending events. That does not mean it is fine to resume sleepwalking.