Monday, July 11, 2005

The Libranos Chickens Will Come Home to Roost

via CBC:
He called many Canadians naïve. "They have an unreasonable expectation of law enforcement and the federal government to protect them against terrorist attacks.
Those are the words of Ty Fairman, of the National Security & Intelligence Society Inc. while speaking in Toronto.

What he is saying is that Canadians expect nanny state to keep them cuddly warm and safe and all tucked-in, so they can drift along in their somnabulant lifestyle in our socialist paradise.

The Libranos have not stepped up to the reality of the situation with the Islama-crazies. Caring more about their own power, immigration criteria reduce to determining who is most likely to vote Librano. And we are jazzed by the Librano spin machine to celebrate the resultant diversity. (I for one refuse to celebrate diversity. I will celebrate character, and competence, and work ethic. Beyond that I don't care if you are purple and have three eyes. But this is a another rant for another post).

Right now, governments should be educating the public on what to look for, what to report, and how to report it in every mass transit system in the country. Periodic reminders need to be announced over public address systems. It should be routine information. But that assumes that the governments know what to do. They don't. This is our reward for allowing them to build institutions that reward fealty rather than merit.

The time for the Libranos to pretend their nanny powers extend to preventing Islam from attacking us here in Canada must come to an end, right now.

When the attack comes, and I don't much doubt that it will, the Libranos are going to be standing stark naked before the country - with the failure of their appeasement, head-in-the-sand, family compact oligarchy to deliver on the promise of immunity from Islamic violence. Meanwhile, their sycophantic, myopic and foolish MSM buddies are all too willing to help them put Canadians into deep trance.

It's a war. We're in it. It's time to be grown up. It's time to fight.